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5 Ways you can utilize outdoor advertising

You may have seen thousands of digital ads while scrolling through social media or browsing the internet. But how many times have you made a purchasing decision because of that?

No, if not rarely.

This is because of ‘Advertising fatigue’. This is a phenomenon where an individual becomes immune to advertising on a certain platform. Many companies have started to realise that after overspending on digital advertising campaigns and not getting proportional results.

More than 60% of outdoor consumers have claimed that they have made purchasing decisions while driving. This is why Outdoor Advertising is still one of the preferred platforms for mass advertising.

Ways you can utilize outdoor advertising

In simple terms, Outdoor advertising is the advertising practice where businesses utilize outdoor means to promote their products and services. There are multiple ways you can utilize this practice and they are as follows:

1. Billboards

Outdoor Advertising - Rmw

A Billboard is usually a static display of a large size and at an elevated platform. This is one of the first things that come to mind whenever someone mentions outdoor advertising. This is the most widely used form of outdoor advertising and is said to engage nearly 70% of global consumers.

2. Illuminated Post

Illuminated Post - RMW

Illuminated posts are a form of outdoor advertising medium where a smaller canvas is mounted on a night lamp. The surface area of this banner is a lot smaller than a conventional billboard. It is also illuminated which makes it a lot more visible at night time.

3. Guerrilla Marketing

Outdoor Advertising - Rmw

This form of outdoor advertising usually uses unconventional/asymmetric means to gain attention for your brand’s products and services. One must be very careful while utilizing this form of outdoor marketing as it can be distracting to commuters and also may be mistranslated. However, if done right, it works very well to hold your audience’s attention and recall. 

4. Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising -Rmw

A majority of the working population uses public transportation systems to travel to-and-from work. This means that they are stationary for an average time of 45 minutes. The internal surfaces of a public transport system, for example, the metro transit system transports millions of commuters in Delhi/NCR daily. This makes it an ideal platform to advertise.

5. Retail Advertising

Retail Advertising - RMW

Retail advertising enjoys the advantage of its consumers already being in a purchasing mindset. This means that banners like ‘SPECIAL OFFER’ and ‘CLEARANCE SALE’ can easily nudge the consumer into completing their purchase in a certain desired manner.

For outdoor advertising, you need to identify which means of advertising would be most suitable for your needs. It also means that you will need an advertising agency that can help you identify the right locations and generate an attractive design and compelling copy for your outdoor ads.

This is where we come in.

Ritz media World is an award-winning agency that offers an all-encompassing set of advertising solutions that ensures your brand’s growth. This is why Ritz Media World was awarded ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR’ by The Economic Times.

Reach out to us for a free consultation and audit of your current marketing practices or follow our social media for the latest advertising updates.

Happy Advertising! 

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