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Akshay Kumar Levels Up The Celebrity Endorsement List

According to Forbe’s analyses in 2019Akshay Kumar has come a long way to be the fourth highest-paid actor in the world. Surpassing the three Khans (Salman, Shah Rukh & Aamir) successfully, Akshay Kumar is declared as the biggest celebrity brand in India.

As per Duff & Phelps’ Celebrity Brand Valuation Study in 2019, a multinational consultancy firm that releases major outcomes from their celebrity valuation study, it is said that Kumar’s net worth is considered to be USD 104.5 million (a near estimation of 742 crores).

Celebrity endorsements play an important role in the marketing strategies of a particular brand. It is a big challenge for companies to get the attention of the majority of their consumers. Studies carried out by various media research firms show that the presentation of brands or products through the brand ambassador attracts more consumer attention and helps to build a better brand image.

As of this year, Akshay Kumar’s brand value due to the high demand for celebrity endorsement rose up to 55.3 percent, as compared to the brand value in 2018. This sudden jump up has made Akshay land below Virat Kholi’s brand value (nearly 1600 crore).

Akshay has exceeded his limits by crossing the brand values of other top Bollywood celebrities. For example, Ranveer Singh (Rs84 crore), Deepika Padukone (Rs 75 crore), and Amitabh Bachapan (Rs 72 crore) were in the top five, while Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor Khan have maintained their position in the top 10 list.

After topping the endorsement list this year, and being the highest-paid actor in India, Kumar is the preferred celebrity for the ‘personal care’ segment in the industry. Kumar doesn’t limit his capabilities here. He has left a mark in various avenues and has now stepped up to join the list of the top five celebrities endorsing ‘Products Brands with Maximum Digital India Impact’, partnered with Honda and GoQii.

Currently, Akshay Kumar endorses 30 brands. These include Honda, for which he has been signed as the brand ambassador for five years. He also boasts about being the brand ambassador for the renowned detergent brand Nirma. He stepped into the financial sector when he was signed by Policy Bazaar and Paisa Bazaar. The actor has been seen endorsing Kajaria Tiles with his patriotic vibe and was recently signed by Harpic to promote the “HarGharSwachh” motto. He is also the face of some personal care brands like Suthol, Dollar, and Relaxo Footwear. Akshay Kumar took the battle of endorsement to a whole new level when he got roped in by some big players like, Tata Motors, PC Jeweller, who also have Twinkle Khanna as the face of the brand, Prince pipes, Lodha Group, and SwarnSaathi to name a few. However, these are the brands being endorsed by Kumar from 2018-2020. The famous actor endorses many other brands across categories.

Known for his nationalistic-patriotic roles in Bollywood, Kumar certainly knows how to tremendously carry his off-screen brand engagements. According to the reports revealed by Financial Express, Akshay Kumar charges an endorsement fee of up to 2-3 crore per day.

Akshay Kumar

Often called as Hero with many faces, Kumar has evolved drastically during his course of acting in Bollywood. Not only has he mesmerized people with his theatrical and acting skills, but also has the power to bring change and perspective of consumers easily.

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