Advertising on Radio? Here is how to check your growth

Radio advertisements are one of the older yet effective methods of establishing and promoting a business. Given its wide reach and loyal followers radio has yet again found its ways among the top modules of advertising. Radio advertisements offer an astounding Return on Ad Spend i.e. these metric systems assess the number of returns a business generates via radio advertisements. It is known that businesses that opt for radio advertisements enjoy an exceptional ROAS but things work differently for different businesses and one must always keep a check on the amount invested and the revenue generated.

Here is how you can check your growth when advertising on the radio!

Radio marketing is a rather simple and direct process but keeps a check on ROAS does require certain extra efforts such as,

  • Create a module that keeps a tab and differentiates the progress made via radio marketing and other marketing platforms.
  • Use specialized ROAS checking tools.
  • Compare the growth achieved before and after using radio advertising.
  • Compiling SEM operations and ROAS makes it much easier to analyze the progress made as it is convenient to distinguish between the effects of SEM and Radio.

Early Signs of Growth

As a business owner, it is comparatively easy to assess the impact of your radio advertisements by examining the ‘returns’ you get during the early stage of marketing.

  • Accelerated search: An impactful radio Ad will always leave customers intrigued therefore, an increase in the search volume post a radio advertisement is a valid growth indicator.
  • Higher traffic: As more and more people search the keywords from your advertisements you will see an increase in the number of people landing on your website, and a lower bounce rate as these new customers will come with a deeper interest rate.
  • Higher conversions: As a result of increased traffic on your website you will achieve a higher number of spending customers which will give you a higher conversion rate.

Tracking Tools

Several high-functioning tracking machines such as Analytics owls and Veritone are available which can easily tab new site visits made within the first 8 minutes of the airing of a radio ad. By separating the effects SEM has on the increased traffic, as it has its own unique URL’s you can track the growth/traffic attained by your radio advertisement.

Success rate with and without Radio Ad

Another significant way of measuring success rate is by making comparisons between the growth in your business with and without the usage of Radio Advertisement. Even in the absence of radio marketing, a business continues to make sales, and this can be used as a definitive measuring factor.

To check the impact of your radio marketing you can select a certain period such as 2 weeks and make comparisons between the weeks you used radio advertising against the weeks' radio marketing wasn’t used. This will help you comprehend the effects of radio marketing easily.

Take a Poll

The last way to further study the impact of radio marketing is by turning to your customers. You can curate a poll and circulate it amongst your customers to gain insight into how many customers heard and responded to your ad and more calculate the percentage of the gross sales taking into account the percentage of customers who answered positively.

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