Amplify Radio ROI in 2021

2020 has been a hard year for many businesses. With exceptions being there that flourished owing to their strong social media presence, 2020 has been the year of doom. The majority of the brands globally were seen to be falling under two categories,

  • Those that performed really in 2020 such as FMCG brands
  • Those that experienced and exponential downfalls such as the travel and hospitality industry

Owing to these factors the financial budget for 2021 is bound to much tighter and much more thoughtful. Here we have for you some insights to plan your strategies and media budgets for 2021 much more effectively.

Plan better Strategies

While the year 2020 was a major block in the rise of the economy it was also a time to reflect on our work modules. The businesses that flourished during that period put in to use out-of-the-box concepts and not only managed to keep their businesses afloat but also take them to newer heights.

When it comes to planning digital strategies Radio is always a great option to go for and believe us or not the Radio is prepared to take on the challenges of 2021.

Digital Integration

With an upgrade in digitization, Radio has taken a lead and has successfully integrated itself with the digital system. Radio has widened its avenues and seamlessly entered segments like chatbots, gamification, eCommerce, etc. This merger has opened several opportunities for radio offering it a wider and diverse reach, large demography, and an edge over other media sectors.

Wider Reach

The year 2021 will see a surge in the listenership and business opportunities from brands from tier 2 and tier 3 segments of the nation. Owing to its incomparable reach and an existing loyal following many businesses will switch to radio to establish and promote themselves.

New Ventures

The year 2021 will witness the emergence of radio as a media leader as it is set to venture into new markets by providing radio, on-ground as well as digital solutions to expand its market. Using the popularity of the RJs, the radio will effectively connect with its target audience making it one of the best platforms to work with.

The pandemic has vastly affected the behavior pattern and thought process of people worldwide and everything henceforth must be crafted keeping in mind how the audience will interact with it.

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