Expand Your Reach With Radio Advertisements

When we talk about advertisements and promotions it is vaguely assumed that the means in the discussion are print media and social media. People tend to ignore the reach and influence of radio on the audience. For the longest amount of time radio has been the means to put across your message and it is still as successful as it was years ago. Here are a few boons of advertising through radio:

  • Cost-Effective: If you run a small business or your startup is still in its initial phase then radio advertisement is the most pocket- friendly way for you to set foot on the market and extend your reach. You can curate the message on your own and identify the radio channel you would want to advertise through. If you’re lucky you might get that extra “endorsement” if a reputed RJ shows interest in your product/service and offers to promote it.
  • Wider Reach: Radio advertisements work differently than promotions on other platforms. In the former platform, you invest directly in your target audience,i.e., by choosing the radio station you like (based on your target audience) and the time slot during which you want your advertisement to run you buy time with your listeners. This offers lucrative access to the market.
  • Get to your goal faster: Putting together a radio advertisement is quick and you can use a single advertisement several times. Radio promotions work on the phenomena of “repetition” so playing the same ad repeatedly is what will help you leave a mark.

How to reap the benefits of your Radio Advertisement?

Here’s everything you should keep in mind to get the most out of your radio advertisement.

  • Know your audience: Based on your product/service narrow down to the demographic group you want to target. Following this choose the radio station which is most popular among your target audience. This will help you reach your chosen listeners more effectively.
  • Best time to advertise: Radio days are not divided into hours but instead broken down in to “day-parts.” 6 am–10 am and 5 pm-8 pm are morning and evening drive times respectively. This is the best time for you to advertise if you are targeting the corporate/working strata. 3 pm-5 pm and late night are the times when young listeners are most active and would be the best time for you to advertise if they are your target audience.
  • Advertising Frequency: To leave an impact with your ad, you should air your advertisement during the same time slot every day and multiple times during the week. This will make the advertisement more memorable to a loyal listener.
  • Creating Ads: This is where we make the magic happen. At Ritz Media World we provide nothing but the most experienced production team to create the best audible to resonate your message with the audience. From assisting you in creating a crisp and influencing message to helping you get to your audience most effectively, we do it all.
  • Errors: As a person trying radio advertising for the first time getting concerned about your ad not getting played at the right time or not getting played at all is natural. It has been seen that a lot of radio stations often skip their client’s ads by error. So, it is essential that you consistently track your ad during the time slot you’ve purchased. This will make sure that your ad is getting the time and reach you invested in.
  • Roadblock: Once you have tested your audience, time of airing your ad, and witnessed a positive impact you can also air your ad on different stations at the same time. This is called a roadblock. Running your ad simultaneously on different stations will give you a much wider exposure and also get a hold of the audience that switches between multiple stations.

Ritz Media World is one of the most accomplished production houses in Delhi/NCR. Our team of professionals extends their expertise to help you create a powerful impact through your advertisements and grow your business. We are proud to be close acquaintances with some of the most sought after radio stations of India which helps us provide our clients the best audience both quantitatively and qualitatively. So take your business a notch higher by stepping into the world of radio advertisement and get to your audience quicker and with more impact. Get in touch with us today to tastefully craft the perfect message for your advertisement, work with a team of experts, and all of this at the best price possible. Don’t wait, get on it today!