How To Boost Your Business With Brand Advertising?

In the current times when the competition in every field is at its peak, relying solely on the quality of your product/service is not going to get you the recognition that you seek. It is very important for your brand to establish itself in the market while simultaneously competing with the existing big player. On thinking from the consumers’ point of view it is absolutely essential for your product/service to leave a mark on their memory, furthermore creating a bond. This is where Brand promotion comes into play.

So what exactly is Brand Advertising?

Brand Advertising refers to the process of creating your brand’s persona that would successfully resonate with the customers. It comprises creating a logo, slogan, pricing and packaging that not only gives you an edge over the others but also leaves a mark on the consumers. When it comes to choosing between products of different brands people tend to opt for the brand they trust more rather than just choosing a product. Therefore, it is crucial for every brand to create a lasting and trusting relationship with their potential customers.

Brand Advertising helps you to understand your customers better and to make them aware of your brand values, products and services. This will assist you to capture the attention of potential customers to a chance to build a long-term relationship with them.

How does it work?

The companies that use brand advertising as a growth strategy attempt to connect with their consumers on both emotional and intellectual levels to creating a lasting and positive impact on their customers. Let’s take the example of Maggi,

Ever since instant noodles were first introduced, Maggi has managed to capture and dominate the market even in the presence of a variety of competitors. So what exactly are they doing right from so many years?

Maggi has successfully established itself as a brand that caters to families. Its business model revolves around family bonding over food and enjoying the moment. It adds a personal touch to its brand with the line “meri wali Maggi.”And this is what makes it relatable amongst its target consumer group.

Let’s take the example of Coca Cola:

Every time you see a coca-cola advertisement don’t you just feel like enjoying a chilled glass of the beverage? Well, their super realistic graphics and the sound of soft drink pouring makes you feel like you’re thirsty. Also, their ads feature a lot of young people feeling happy and relaxed after having a beverage. So their advertisements make the audience relate having coca cola with celebration and happiness.

So these are two basic yet massively impactful examples of how brand advertising works.

Different kinds of Advertising Models

It can be fractioned into two types: Direct Response Marketing and Brand Advertising.

Direct response ads are used by the companies aiming to create a stir and seeking immediate action from the consumer in response to the campaign. On the other hand, brand advertising is used to create awareness about a brand amongst the consumers to cause a long term impact.

The response generated by direct response marketing can be easily measured as those are linked with the use of codes, coupons, or app installation. The response generated by brand advertising is harder to track as it does not drive the customer to do immediate action.

How does it accentuate the Brand Value?

Be it with direct response marketing or brand advertising, promoting your campaigns definitely adds value to your brand. Doing this will assist to create a loyal customer base that is more likely to generate a response every time you advertise.

Here are its distinctive stages:

Exposure: This primarily involves establishing your brand’s identity, something that the people will relate to. This comprises choosing the right logo, colors, font, and slogan for your brand. All these factors have a major impact on how your brand will be perceived by the buyer.

For example, Amazon’s logo reflects the brand as reliable and as something that makes you happy. The curved arrow going from A to Z depicts how you’ll find everything you need on Amazon and that’ll make you happy. Such minute details help the brand set itself above the rest.

Some brands have created such a compelling market personality that you can recognize them just by looking at their logo. Facebook and a tiny camera have become synonymous with social interaction, short video, and a global connection.

The same is applicable in the case of fonts. When a brand accomplishes the task of getting a hold of the market, it can then be identified based on the font used in its logo. For example:

By using such a distinctive font in its name, MAC has created a lasting impression amongst the consumers who can relate to the brand’s character.


This ensures the brand’s credibility. People are mostly inclined towards buying from brands they trust. 

One splendid way to do this is by portraying your brand as the best in the market and outshining your competitors. For example:

  1. By launching campaigns that offer information or expertise on something.
  2. Promoting the brand by being an event sponsored 
  3. By being a reliable supporter of social campaigns and charity events.
  4. Getting your brand endorsed by a public figure whom your target customers relate to

The more trust and credibility your brand gains, the more loyal customers will stay.


The most successful brands are those that work on building a long-term connection with the people. When a brand’s ads interact with the people emotionally or intellectually, it creates a lasting memory proffering higher engagement between the customers and the brand. When people don’t personally connect with the brand, it sinks. For example:

Slogans: Lines such as “meri wali Maggi” or “taste the happiness” are not only crisp and direct but also takes people back to their old memories triggering positive and happy emotions.

Brand face:  Having a memorable spokesperson can be of utmost benefit for the brand. Such as the ParleG girl, Mc Donald's joker, etc. These images stay with people even if they are unable to retain your information.

So this how brand advertising effects and boost your business making it a strategy every new and seasoned business should opt for.

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