How to Motivate People Around You and Inspire Them

You can Win the World with your words and your words have the power to blow down someone on his knees. People attract towards those who can use their word in a good manner so that it will heal, support, and motivate them.

But for the sake of getting attention, don’t motivate others. The only thing someone wants from youbut won’t ask for is your “Support”. You can motivate someone by giving them a reason to refine themselves to be a better version of themselves.

If you want to motivate someone then ask yourself while you are serving your words “How can you help them?” if you know the answer then go ahead along with the things that I mentioned below.

  • Listen Carefully and Ask Questions
  • Show Support and Be friendly
  • Provide Opportunities and Give Your Feedback

Listen Carefully and Ask Questions

Majority of the peopleonly listen to your words butfew of them will be able to understand. If you want to motivate someone first make them believe you are there, by attentively giving your sympathy.

This thing will encourage them to open themselves in front of you, only then you’ll get to know what is the pain point and where you can help them.

After listening, the next step should be asking the question. For Example, If you are a Leader (professionally), it Should be your responsibility to keep notes on the level of personal support that you offer to your team. Some people may not share their problems because they do not want to bother you with what they feel may be a trivial matter, while others may be concerned about interrupting you at a busy time.

Therefore, you need to make yourself more accessible to your team and make the effort to go where your team is, in spite of waiting for your team to visit you. You should take time out to find out how people are getting on, how they are feeling and offer them your words of encouragement and support. This will motivate your team and they will feel their importance and that their contribution is important.

Show Support and Be Friendly 

If you think you can guide someone in the right direction and motivate them to keep going, GO AHEAD. All you can do is, show them your SUPPORT and help them because most of the people get easily lost and they don’t even realize until unless someone shows them the right thing at the right time.

Who knows? You are the one who can change their life…

But remember if you are making fun of them or talking about previous mistakes to drag them down and manifest their negative point then you are only creating trouble.

It’s great if a personcomes to you by themselves for seeking help that means he has hope that you’ll treat them right.You should keep all the things aside and help them by being friendly. Don’t let them feel you are not the right person.

Support them to develop their Self-Confidence, tell them to be Self-Aware. God's full grace is on you if you lead a mislead person. Helping others will come back to you. It’ll come back to you no matter with the same or different person.

Provide Opportunities and Give Feedback 

The best way to motivate someone either in his Work or in his Career is by helping them in finding opportunities where you think they can brush up their skills. For instance, when you know they are better at doing his work and capable enough to get selected or get promoted with his skillset.

So, make them familiar with their capabilities because this thing will encourage them to get what they truly deserve because most of the time people underrate themselves on their own.

For example, if you know someone passionate about writing then you can advise him/her to select a career in writing.Tell them, they can enrich their passion by doing things that will help them improve their skillset constantly and boost their confidence. Your skills can pay Your Bills.

You should be polite. Don’t show the attitude that you are doing a favour on him and you are always right, you should let them show their point of view just because the another person is misled you cannot call them wrong.

Final Thought

The pleasure is incredible when your words internally change someone for their good. When you lift someone, it hits you up too. I always used to search for those words that can give someone strength and make them believe because To Be Inspired Is Great But To Inspire Is an honour.