How to remember things?

Memory makes an important role in our life. Our brain is just like a computer that holds all the information, but we are much better than these devices because we can experience the feelings i.e., partly goods and partly bad, the laugh and cry, the peace and pain.

German Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus wanted to know about - Why we forget things and how can we prevent them, the outcome of the result produced Forgetting Curve- This curve shows that how information is lost over time when there is no time to retain it.

Research on the Forgetting Curve states that the information given to a person can be faded within one week, around 90% of people can easily forget the things that they have learned seven days ago.

Most of us face these problems when these small details slips out of our mind like we entered the room and forget why we came here? likewise, we fail to remember the date, name, and our daily tasks to do. Yes, these things happen.

Let us take an example, you are at the office sitting with your Boss and he asks you what is the date? You try hard but fail to recall, so what would do you expect? Will it raise your self-confidence and lead you towards your promotion?

Well, there is not a mantra that I’ll give you and by chanting it you’ll remember everything. I have mentioned below some things that will leave a positive impact on your memory and you can remember the things effectively.

In this article who will get to know: 

  • Living In The Moment Can Boost Your Memory
  • Have a Conversation With Your Mind, Make Yourself Aware
  • Meditation Helps You A Lot - To Stay Focused

Living In The Moment Can Boost Your Memory

Throughout the day, there are 6,200 thoughts that come across our mind. We know, we even think about our past or future. We always think why did that happen to me? What will happen next? Where should we go on our vacation? and Blah Blah….

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.  ~ Dalai Lama

Why are you so confused? Why? Live in the present- the past is a lesson, the future is a planning. Here is something I’m going to tell to live in the present:

Don’t try to be a Multitasker

We all hear an aphorism “You can’t sail in two boats at the same time.” You need to do a thing at once because when you order your mind to do different tasks, you cannot focus effectively on each one.

Pay More Attention

With our daily personal experiences, we can get to know that it is very easy to remember things if we are paying more attention. Paying attention is the first process to learn something. Attention makes the attended neuron more sensitive. In the absence of attention, you will lose the opportunities, time, and energy from your hands.

Be More Interested

This thing matters, when you are doing something and learn something new but you are not interested to do it then you cannot give your proper attention to it. You do not feel energetic enough though you feel tired and spiritless. 

Meditation Helps You A Lot -To Stay Focused

The University of Oxford’s Center for Suicide Research found the mindfulness meditation can cut the depression by 50 percent, on the other hand, Professor Willem Kuyken from the University of Exeter believes that mindfulness is a form of mental training that teaches children to be aware of their feelings.

Mediation is a powerful technique that helps you, beyond your imagination. It can pick you up in different ways:

Reduce Internal and External Distraction

As a student, we all have experienced that while we were trying to study, we faced distraction. It can be both either internal or external, such as our cell phone rings and we can’t stop us to receive it. Similarly, our feelings and our emotions can also lead us on the other path, where we get distracted.

So, doing meditation gives you inner-peace, it makes you aware of stimuli that affect you a lot. Then you can categorize what is important to you at the present time, prejudice on the things that do not make any sense, or talking to a friend while you are studying.

Have a Conversation With Your Mind

Time Has a Memory

Doing things with time and with consistency always have a reward with it. When you proper give your time to the thing then they will always be stuck in your mind. If in the morning, you read books with consistency then next morning without even second thought you will get to know you have to read.

Location Has Energy

Every place has energy like in the kitchen, you cannot sleep as well as in the study room you cannot cook the food. So, different energy comes from different places. 

Last but not least

Hopefully, I wish these things would help you for the betterment of memory. But apart from this topic, I like to share my own thoughts - Not everything you need to remember, indeed there is something you need to forget too. I’m sharing some lines with you by the reference of Jay Shetty’s book.

There was one thing that touched my heart “Two things we should try to forget and two things you should try to remember.”

Two things you need to Forget - The good we have done for others and the bad others have done to us. Two things you need to Remember - The bad we have done to others, the good others have done to us.