Is Print Advertising Finished?

Years before, print ads were prevalent. The first newspaper ad ran a long way back in 1704, according to Ad Age, and since then we have seen the size and breadth of print ads grow tremendously.

Is Print Advertising Finished? creativethinksmdia

Now there are niche publications for almost every field of interest that an individual may have. Local newspapers tend to act as reliable information outlets for communities, and larger media have established an international readership. In a nutshell, No, a print ad isn't "dead." Let me take you through the signs that print advertising is not only alive but flourishing.

Print a Powerful Force

Many have proclaimed publishing’s demise for years now, but the facts and statistics do not back up the assertion. In India, the number of magazines has grown from just over 4.5 crores back in 2017 to 4.9 crores last year.

Print remains a reliable source for writers, too. 82 percent said in a study of customer views of conventional and digital advertising outlets that they trust print advertisements when making a buying decision. This is more than ads in any other kind.

You should find your place

There are thousands of print publications in India, between newspapers and magazines. Those publications have clearly defined their niches because of the stiff competition in the field. A growing publication offers its readers something special (just like any good business!), and therefore their readers represent a different sub-set of the population.

As an advertiser, this gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to directing your ads to your ideal audience. Simply pick the publications that best fit with your mark and run your ads there.

Publications refer to the public with different backgrounds and desires. Regional newspapers, for example, are most important for people in a given geographic region. Although a magazine may speak to people who are passionate about this field of interest about a particular hobby or subject. You will advertise motorcycle enthusiasts in newspapers in towns where you have shops and in different parts if you operate a motorcycle repair chain.

Current digital ads embodies new technology

The print ad itself is hundreds of years old, but new technology can be used by advertisers running print ads today to create a seamless convergence between print and digital, and to learn more about the effectiveness of their print ad campaigns.

Today print advertising, like your website, will guide readers to your online properties. Through developing landing pages specifically designed for your print ad readers, you can view exclusive deals or provide material that is similar to what they read in their hardcopy advertisements. You can also integrate items like QR codes into your print ads, making it convenient for readers to scan your ad and move straight to your website instead of having to manually copy a URL to it.

The effects of your print advertising can also be monitored, just as you would for a digital marketing campaign. Our print advertising services at Ritz Media World allow you to take advantage of our proprietary tracking technology to understand how your ads work and can decide which publications should be best targeted and which messaging should be most effective. This helps you to draw on past campaigns and get the most out of your potential investment in print advertising.

Print Online Gives a Boost

Perhaps you haven't known about this, but a great print campaign will actually improve your digital marketing efforts! Studies have shown that newspaper advertisements are four times more successful at digital campaigns. There is not an "either-or’’. It is an‘’and "! When it comes to printing and streaming.

Just because print ads have long been around doesn't mean it is near death. Print ads, in fact, still have a significant place in a broader marketing strategy. They work to improve your ongoing digital efforts, plus they help build confidence in your brand.

If you're concerned about calculating performance, new technology allows you to apply the same analytical methods to your print advertising campaigns that you would use in a digital advertisement. In short, printing is still very much alive and every business owner should make room for it in their marketing budget.

If you're ready to start print advertising or want to learn more, call us! We are print advertising experts and can help you find the best solution for your company.

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