Planning To Try Radio Advertising? Here’s How Much It Will Cost!

In the era of social media, the probability of growing a business without proper marketing and advertising is as slim as witnessing snowfall in Delhi. Regardless of how amazing your product or service is not backing it with impeccable promotions will seize its chance to get established. It has been seen that among all the marketing and advertising platforms, radio advertising is the most pocket friendly and offers great results when done correctly. And if you’re planning to venture into the zone of radio advertising here’s how much it will cost you.

Factor affecting the Radio Advertisement cost

Unlike several other advertising platforms, when it comes to radio advertising several factors affect the final cost of your advertisement.

Duration: To advertise your product or service on the air you purchase time slots to interact with your target audience. The cost of the duration of an ad differs from station to station depending on its popularity amongst the masses. The cost of a 10 seconds radio advertisement can range anywhere between Rs 50 up to Rs 2500.

Time Slot: The time slot you opt for can have a major effect on your cost. Certain hours of the day are considered prime time i.e. when the station has the maximum number of the audience listening to them. These hours are usually either the morning slot or the evening slot. Booking a time slot during these slots will cost you higher than usual.

Jingles: If this is your first time advertising on the radio then going for jingle advertising is the best thing to do. It is the cheapest advertising option amongst all the other types of radio promotions.

RJ: One of the most popular forms of radio ads is getting your promoted by a renowned RJ. This will definitely give your ad an extra push but will also cost you good money depending on the popularity of the RJ.

Roadblock: This is one of the most effective strategies to establish your brand in the market or to create brand awareness. Roadblock is a method in which one can choose to air their advertisement on different channels to reach a wider audience. People have a tendency to shift between radio channels but when they hear the same ad repeatedly it tends to create a memory. Although it is highly charged but is a must try to gain recognition.

Radio advertising is a quick, simple, and monetarily effective way of advertising your brand. Preparing and airing a radio ad campaign requires very less amount of time compared to its competitors, and the results can be tracked more efficiently.

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