Radio & Social Media Advertising: The Perfect Pair

Digital marketing has got a lot of attention these days — and for good reason. Digital marketing enables consumers to gain access to the information they need from the convenience of their smartphone or computer, whenever and where they want it. Getting content that is accessible so near to the point of purchase is why radio remains a leading tool for companies of all forms, and when combined with digital tactics — especially social media — the results can be greatly enhanced.

91 percent of Indians age 12 or older listen to the radio at least once a week, according to the Central Research Center. On average, people spend about 2 hours listening to the radio each day. By comparison, 68 percent of Indian adults use Facebook, investing roughly half an hour per day. And it's easy to see that radio, combined with social media marketing, will massively extend the scope of your brand and maximize ROI.


Pairing social media and radio is an efficient way to broaden your reach and connect with a larger audience (or more frequently the same audience). Radio provides the opportunity to target your advertising based on patterns in listening and relevant psychographics. By incorporating a social media initiative to your radio advertising targeting a similarly oriented segment of this audience, you will engage with clients one-on-one and get them closer to taking action. Using your radio ads to inspire listeners to connect on social media with your brand by answering questions, asking for feedback, or encouraging them to take part in promotions or competitions.


When you want your message to be timely and relevant, you get a unique advantage from the radio and social media together. You have the ability to place ads on both media if your target audience wishes to hear that message. For example, if you're a fast-food restaurant trying to attract customers for a quick dinner alternative, you may want to run radio advertisements early and late in the afternoon when they're preparing and thinking about dinner.The same goes with social networks. You might also lure them with late afternoon specials for the same campaign, further tempting them on their way home to select your restaurant.


It's important to make sure the content is consistent in the media and that it's no different from radio and social. For example, if you have an on-air promotional tagline or call-to-action, be sure to include it in social posts and even on your section or cover photo. That way during this campaign you increase the frequency of your message, which will ultimately increase your overall results. By sharing your radio ads on your social pages, you can also promote your creative advertising across borders. It further expands the radio ads' scope through a larger forum. While also encouraging radio listeners to engage with your social media, you can do that the other way around too. One example may be promoting a certain hashtag to be used in a contest.

Eventually, if you use certain forms of marketing strategies for your radio partner — like, for example, an endorsement — be sure to incorporate this into your social activities. The more you can maximize your investment in marketing, the better!

Unique Events

Radio and social media will go hand in hand to support special events like races, concerts, shows, grand openings, or community activities. Ask listeners to visit your social media page for exclusive information when advertising your event in your radio commercial, such as where your team will be based, how they can get a free preview, what the specifics are, and so forth.

Also, be sure to post images on social media or do a live broadcast through Facebook or Twitter during some form of event you are apart from or hosting. Using radio to push them to your case, and then integrate social media to interact further.

Better Together

Radio and social media also provide incentives for reaching and engaging the target audience in new and creative ways of creating brand awareness. When you use radio and social media together, you can create a campaign that is greater than the sum of its pieces, making your ads memorable and increasing your return on investment.

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