Welcome, all to the third episode in our series wherein we discuss different programming charts of different radio stations during the festive times. In the previous two episodes, we discussed radio one and radio Nasha respectively. Today on our list we have 93.5 Red Fm. Red FM (recognized by the name of Superhits 93.5 RED FM by the public) is an Indian FM radio network with its headquarters situated in Delhi/NCR and owned by Sun Group that is based out of Chennai. The content broadcasted by the network in various Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Suryan FM 93.5 was rebranded to RED FM in 64 cities across India on 14th August 2009. ensuing in Sun Group's FM service to be well-known with brand name RED FM all across India except Tamil Nadu.


In the weekdays i.e, Monday to Friday ( including Saturday) the day gets started by “morning number 1 with RJ Raunac” which is occupied in the time slot of 7 am to 10am , RJ Raunac has changed Delhi’s Mornings forever! And his show Morning No. 1  has everything you wanna know each morning.  he will be the best deal if you want a hot cuppa infotainment every morning. Majelelo is when RJ Raunac dons the madcap and plays Bauaa, a character which is well known by every Delhiite . the next time slot which is 11 am to 12noon is handled vellapanti with rj rocky , Rocky is a kind of person whose Crash Course varies from ladki to kadki; saree to gaadi and his tips can be quite helpful at any moment. We can’t guarantee they can bail you out of the complex situation you find yourself in, but they will definitely get a smile on your face. Next up is “drama queen by RJ Swati” If it’s Bollywood, it’s gotta be our Drama Queen RJ Swati. No one knows it better than her, followed up by “athini chaivini with rj Sachin” RJ Sachin, a Punjabi boy brings comic relief to lazy boring afternoons as he creates a Punjabi superhero who has the lamest ideas to fight the toughest problems. The time frames for these two shows from 1 pm to 2 pm and 3 pm to 4 pm respectively. next up is “dl 935 with RJ Ashish and RJ kisna” from 5 pm to 8pm. the final show of the day sits in the time frame of 9 pm till midnight, namely “midnight masala with RJ Heena”, Heena is the one who walks the thin line between being edgy and yet nails the art of saying the things which people shy away from either in a relationship or in any ground. though the difference in programming format is seen on Friday and Saturday wherein the 9 pm till midnight slot is occupied by “todu night with DJ Tarun”.

On the weekend that is, Sunday the day starts off with back to back music from 7 am to 8 am and again from 11 am to 2 pm, the middle time slot which is 8 am to 10 am is taken care of through “Punjabi by profession with RJ  rocky” . then from 3 pm to 5 pm Sunday masala with RJ Swati” is played which is followed up by “superhits top 30 with RJ Swati” from 6 pm to 9pm, finally from 10 pm onwards the closing for the day is done by “todu nights with dj cheats”.

To better explain to you the programming here we have a table for the same:-

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