Which Are The Best Radio Stations In India?

The radio is often called the theatre of the mind. Hit shows such as 'BinacaGeet Mala' and 'Jai mala' fascinate listeners in India. People used to sit beside the radio to listen to these shows and who can forget Ameen Sayani’s voice. Radio history in India goes back to the days of pre-independence. From 'VividhBharati' to 'Radio Mirchi’, the radio industry has grown. Earlier radio was a medium of mass communication, used to raise awareness among people in rural areas, apart from entertainment. Talking about movies, one recalls the use of radio in Munnabhai 2. Sanjay Dutt, playing Munnabhai solves different kinds of problems of the people while talking to them through his Radio program in the movie. The best commercial example of what radio can do is Munnabhai 2. It has now become more like a media and entertainment industry.

Before concluding which is the best radio station in India, let’s take a look at the best radio stations in the country.

Following is a list of India's leading radio stations. 

Radio Mirchi (98.3 FM)

Radio Mirchi belongs to the Indian Network Entertainment Ltd (ENIL), a subsidiary of the Times Group. Radio Mirchi started to work in Indore in 1993. Times FM was Radio Mirchi’s initial avatar. Currently, Radio Mirchi is the most expensive station in India, with a coverage region of more than 33 cities, including India and the 6 meters of Radio Mirchi and earns revenue around almost double of its competition.

My FM (94.3 FM)

The FM channel started by the Bhaskar Group operates on the SMEL subsidiary under the brand name 94.3 My FM. There are currently 17 FM radio stations that operate in the following cities: Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Indore, Gwalior, Udaipur, Ajmer, and Surat. My MF is focused on music, talk shows, and other entertainment-oriented programs that interact with listeners.

Big FM (92.7 FM)

92.7 BIG FM has been owned by Indian businessman Anil Ambani as a private radio FM radio station in India. The programming is 92.7 MHz (92.7FM). It covers 45 cities at present.

This is the only private FM radio station to be broadcast in the state of Jammu and Kashmir from Srinagar and Jammu. BIG FM has been a broadcasting network since 1 July 2008, with Singapore, the first city outside India. There should be several radio competitions which allow competition to win awards.

BIG FM, one of India's largest 58-station radio networks, covers 1,200 + cities and over 50,000 villages and more than 45 Indian crores. With the changing times, BIG FM evolved. BIG FM will play a significant, significant, and impressive role in consumers ' lives through the new positioning. There'll be a brand that doesn't just talk about entertainment. The Brand is a "thinking inspiration" and an agent of positive improvements in society with its wide-ranging, localized content and reliable RJs.

The new label line for 'DhunBadalKeTohDekho' represents the ideology of changing the world for the better. To reflect the new positioning of the programming,

The initial content-based shows and festivals that have won awards from prestigious industry awards, such as EMVIES, ABBY, Asian Consumer Engagement Awards, Indian Radio Forum & the New York Festival, have consistently been received.

Red FM (93.5 FM)

Red FM 93.5 is an FM Indian radio brand that broadcasts in Jamshedpur, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Indore, Nashik, and others in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kanpur, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Gulbarga, Kochi and Trivandrum, Thrissur, Kannur, Kozhikode, Hyderabad. It was launched in 2002 to play a blend of Hindi and English songs. The programming now only consists of Hindi 100%.

Red FM is an indigenous radio network based in Delhi / NCR and operated by the Chennai-based Sun Group, also designated as the Superhits 93.5 RED FM. Sun is an Indian FM. The network broadcasts contents of Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu or Malayalam in various Indian languages. Suryan FM has been rebranded as RED FM in 64 cities in India on 14 August 2009.

Radio City (91.1 FM)

Radio City is an India-based FM radio station. It's got the slogan "What fun! The broadcasts are Bangalore, Lucknow, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Vishakhapatnam from Mumbai (whose initial broadcasts are 2004). It performs Hindi songs, songs in English, and regional. Fun Ka Antenna – Online Radio Station, was introduced by RadioCity, which performs in various genres such as Western, Bollywood, Indipop, and Sufi. MrsApurvaPurohit is the Chief Executive Officer of Radio City.

Radio City is the first private FM station in India and it began on 3 July 2001. The latest media platform-PlanetRadiocity.com, which now provides entertainment related news, videos, songs, podcasts, and other music-related features, has recently been launched for Radio City in May 2008. A mixture of Hindi and regional music is currently being played by Radio. Radio City launched the first Radio City Fun Ka Antenna internet radio station in 2010, and currently has 18 online radios.

Dhamaal 24 (106.4 FM)

In ten stations around the country, Dhamaal 24 106.4 FM, under Broadcast 24 by B.A.G. Network, is one of the kind radio stations operating on air. It's got a "Dhinchak" slogan. You can find popular music, bhajans, ghazals, and local-flavored songs on this radio station. Dhamaal 24 is therefore the one-stop-shop for music fans and casual listeners. The station gives you distinctly trendy programming, unparalleled to any other station.

Radio One (94.3 FM)

94.3 Next Mediaworks Ltd and BBC have a global joint partnership on Radio one. In Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Ahmadabad they work in seven Indian metro towns.

The pledge of "the highest music, the highest preference," by Radio One, changes the way people hear Indian radio music. When 13 songs are played each hour, at least 1200 more songs are played each month, which are the new land. Radio One Jocks were called Music Jocks, not Radio Jocks because they are music fans who enjoy the sound of their voices.

Fever FM (104.0 FM)

Fever 104 FM – HT Media Ltd.'s initiative in partnering with Virgin Radio is an online Hindi FM radio station. Fever 104 FM Radio utilizes media strengths from Hindustan Time in India and Virgin Radio’s global experience to provide listeners across the country with a world-class FM station.

It is available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi (from October 2006), Mumbai (from January 2007), and Kolkata, India (from March 2007). Fever FM has podcasts, music reviews for Bollywood, tournaments, and more. It offers the best fun and entertainment.

Hit FM (96.7 FM)

The radio station HIT 95 FM knows how to be fun! With an outstanding combination of music and conversation, some of the most prominent and lively RJs in town have held highly successful performances. Delhi's Music Radio No.1 Hit is here. The high degree of listener engagement and interaction is one of the signatures of the station. There's a lot of callers on every show in the station, whether it's for the friendly competitions and segments – or even to reply on air to questions. Briefly, Hit 95 FM is a radio station for the people, and above all for the people in the area.

Radio Indigo (91.9 FM)

The only international radio station in India is Radio Indigo 91.7 FM. The Bangalore headquarters was founded in 2006. It is predominantly broadcast in Bangalore, but can also be seen in Goa. Indigo 91.9 FM radio is not just preaching daddies. It's a formula that's checked and confirmed. Radio Indigo isn't only the first international radio station in Bangalore and Goa, it's also the only one. It is with this great power that it brings to your convenience all the biggest stars directly, at the listeners' choice.

 Radio Nasha (107.2 FM)

No radio station but Radio Nasha is capable of reacting to the passion, romance, and stance of the magic of the 1970s and 1990s. In Delhi, in March 2016 Radio Nasha 107.2 FM launched, and in April 2016 Radius Nasha 91.9 FM launched in Mumbai. Radio Nasha is the first-ever enthusiastic, Bollywood-powered radio station led by young, energetic and elegant RJs. The station is 'smart' retro and is an audience destination.

Celebrity programming is an important distinguishing factor and is implicit in content strategy. Bollywood celebrities from the stature of Anil Kapoor for the first time in its history who hosted Jhakaas Mornings, Satish Kaushik who hosts Filmy calendar show, and Amit Kumar who hosts Kishore Crazy are the regular flagship hosting RJs.

The station has received more than 9.1 million listeners in both cities in less than a year after its launch (Source RAM Data – Week 36, 2017).

Now, coming to the best radio station in India among these top radio stations……

It is none other than Radio Mirchi!

Radio Mirchi has now created the biggest impact as India's largest Radio brand insightfully and entertainingly on the lockdown blues. This has been proven again by IRS Q4, which has a whopping 40 million listeners for Radio Mirchi & its brands in India together.

Radio Mirchi and its publicity partners rejoice with positive news in these days of lockout. Indian love of Mirchi Radio continues – as seen by the trustworthy IRS data released during Q4, 2019, India is the only private FM company with over 40 million viewers. Radio Mirchi is not only nationally responsible for the race but also No. 1 in 25 towns and cities, the largest of six cities of the country included. Mirchi is a leader with 42.9L listeners in Delhi, 34.6L in Mumbai, 9.6L in Kolkata, 7.6L in Hyderabad, 7.6L in Ahmedabad, and 16.3L in Pune.

IRS 'surveys have great faith, marketers, media firms, government agencies, and associations are used. The survey of 3.28L households protected by the IRS Q4 2019 and fieldwork took place in the period Nov 2018-March 2020. This is not Mirchi's first time in the IRS survey, but it's the first time any radio station has hit the 40 million-only mark since IRS began!

Investing in Mirchi's reach and solutions are the safest bet for advertisers, especially during Covid-19, when the Radio audience rose in this period to ensure that brands with extremely high ROI reach the widest reach.

Mirchi also has the digital strength to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube with its biggest radio website with sparkling social media grips and 170 powerful RJs who offer daily credible and timely updates.

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