Why Intrinsic Motivation is so Important?

Motivation is important for both either to an individual or a business. Motivation is categorized into two different parts i.e., Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation.

In Intrinsic motivation the individual work for itself. It is based on internal reward, decide to do the work that is good for his self-improvement, ability, and his growth. Whereas, in Extrinsic Motivation the individual work for others. It is based on an external reward, decide to do the work that is good for people who told him to do that work that will help him to get promotion and that will be increased pay.
Intrinsic motivation has meaning and purpose, learning and growth. When you do something because it’s internally fulfilling, without an expectation from others then you can play at your peak.

Here are some major benefits of intrinsic motivation.
In any Business, if you have employees that are excited, engaged, and ready to do their work; it'll play a major role to bring you success. It may seem to many leaders that giving incentives to their employees is going to make them motivated towards their job. Yes, it can be difficult when you are the boss to notice when people are feeling motivated or not. Hence, you should learn how can you pay attention to every employee working under you.
⦁ Be a Real Leader

Start leading with your actions. Actions speak louder than words, so let your actions show your employees that you are a real leader. If you are motivated and bring them positive energy, your employees will surely react to that. In every aspect of the day, not just when you are in a Meeting. How you socialize with people? How you interact with others? How you act when there's a Hurdle? What are your gesture and postures when in your daily work? Keep this thing in your mind that everyone in your organization is watching and looking at you for an example of how leaders behave. How motivated your employees will be, depends too much on how motivated you are.

⦁ Know Your Employees

Figure out what your employees want in their life, help them in their way to get it. Let them know, let them feel that you are interested in helping your employees through this. Check-in between how they are doing with it.
Everyone has his own dreams and beliefs that motivate us. Keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Sit down with your employees and understand what they are going to do in their careers. What is their ambition? What do they want to do with their life? By this, you will be able to set your employees for success while motivating them to work hard and fast.
Add on: It is also going to make you a GOOD BOSS.

Once you understand them and set them up to be in a place where they want to be, that is what a real incentive is. They will then be motivated and work hardest for you because you too did it for them.
Why is intrinsic motivation so important for a student?
A student who is intrinsically motivated can get what he/she wants with his/her consistency, discipline, and hard work. The sources of s motivation may different. While some students are motivated by the extrinsic way, others may be motived purely by the intrinsic way. Motivation has a great impact on the learning process. Motivation alone can determine if the person will pass or fail.
There are so many things that make us feel scared in our professional career that make it hard for us to be motivated at work i.e., Fear of Loss, Fear of Failure, fear of being judged by others.
There are some things that can help you to be motivated at work:

  1. Be Conscious About Your Own Self
    Every day start your day with the things that bring you Peace and end it in the same way. You can try meditation too, or start praying in Morning and Night. Just 15-20 minutes of these activities and you will see the change yourself. These 15-20 minutes of your day can help you with the daily problems.

Keep Your Goal in Mind
When you will start this journey of your career, there will come so many things that will encourage you to move ahead, there will be too many bad things too.
For Example: If you will start a business, you will find so many obstacles in your way. There will be things that will distract you to get off your path. But if you keep your goal in your mind and won't give up on them then it will help you to go grow through it.

Final thought
Motivation is a word but the power or energy that comes inside us from this i.e., Incredible. We should always have to hold a reason with us that uplifts us, gives us power and hope. A hope that from you for you because you are the creator of your word and you need to expect more from yourself than anyone around.