Definition of Motivation

Glueck said about Motivation as “Motivation is the inner state that energizes channels and sustains human behaviour.”

Joe Kelly defined Motivation as” Motivation is a process whereby needs instigate behaviour directed toward the goals that can satisfy those needs.”

Psychologists define motivation as the process by which activities are started, directed, and sustained so that certain needs are met.

When you don’t get successful to accomplish any task then through thick and thin, motivation gives you the power to set the Thames on fire.

Motivation is a powerful tool that will help you to get what you want.

Types of Motivation

Motivation is important for both either to an individual or a business. The Motivation is categorized into two different parts i.e., Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation

In Intrinsic motivation the individual work for itself. It is based on internal reward, decide to do the work that is good for his self-improvement, ability, and his growth.

Whereas, in Extrinsic Motivation the individual work for others. It is based on an external reward, decide to do the work that is good for people who told him to do that work that will help him to get promotion and that will be increased pay.

The motivation should be positive in both types, like if you are learning and doing something for the fear of failure or fear of getting fired, so the outcome will not be as good as it should be.

Benefits of Motivation 

Motivation gives You the Strength to do Something

When we are ready to turn our visualization into reality, we fail many times. The failure lies in the weakness and giving up. If Thomas Alva Edison would have given up after attempting failure, the bulb would not have invented. After you encounter failures, motivation gives you the strength to do the task until it gets done.

Motivation makes you aware of what you really are 

We don’t know our limits. Nobody knows their limits but when the right time comes and you are ready to get what you want then miracles happen. You put your efforts to get through those obstaclesthat come in your path. Motivation pulls out the real you that is inside you.

The Reason why we Lose Motivation 

There are some primary reasons Why We Lose Motivation.

  • Lack of Confidence- If you don’t believe you can succeed, what is the point of trying? 
  • Lack of Focus- If you don’t know what you want, do you really want anything?
  • Lack of Direction- If you don’t know what to do, how can you be motivated to do it?

Confidence, focus and direction all can be built and boost you up at once if your Goal-Setting is powerful and you are determined and consistent to get the things in your hands, so when it comes in your palm then you will enjoy it with all pleasure. How can you effectively set your goal?

Formula of Motivation

V x E = M

V stands for VALUE (how important something is to us) * E stands for Expectation (how confident we are about to achieve it) = M stands for Motivation (how motivated we are when you multiple V and E).

How can we stay Motivated? 

Yes, you cannot feel motivated all the time and that is okay. But whenever you are trying to do something then you need to stay connected with energy to be consistent and achieve your best in it.

Here are some tips for you to feel motivated:

  • Chose a mentor that inspires you a lot to stay motivated 

Having a mentor is necessary in everyone’s life, rather than taking a shortcut to achieve success, they will guide you in the right direction because most of the time we need direction instead of worrying how soon we will achieve it. So, without worrying about time, we should admire someone to walk in their footstep this will help us to lead towards a new direction that is best for us.

  • Self-Motivation 

Self-Motivation is a cure for any disease. No one can encourage you more than you can do yourself. If you are in a boat that is drowning in the river then waiting for another boat is foolishness. Your ability and mindfulness will help you to swim out the river.

  • Reading Motivational Books and Stories 

Reading motivational book and stories are the best way you can do to stay motivated. This is the best thing which I have experienced on my own. Reading gives you a strange feeling from that you can learn and grow. It opens your mind and serves a different world in front of your eyes then you can see the world from a better perspective.

I have written a poem that will encourage you to take one step forward to your Destiny

The crown is not heavy to wear,

Why are you worrying? wipe your tears!

You can conquer the war without any fear.

These wounds can heal, but don’t give up dear

I know the ups and downs, not able to bear

But sun rises anyways and the darkness will disappear.

You can fly under the sky but keeping yourself

In the cage that is not alright.

You lose hopes and expectation but, remember

The presence of moon clears the night of the huge sky…