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Components Perfect of the advertising campaign

As a creative advertising agency with more than 15 years of experience in servicing clients. These clients have always been diversified in terms of industry and advertising budgets. This has given us a lot of experience in levering creative design and copy to extract the most out of our advertising.

This has enabled us to further optimise our creative services to regularly churn out content that maintains an impressive degree of engagement and recall.

Components Perfect of the advertising campaign - RMW

The consistency and effectiveness of our creative services and content marketing practices have also earned us the recognition of ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR’ by The Economic Times.

But through this constant hustle to get the next big idea out the door regularly, there are times when we fantasise about the perfect campaign. Now and then, a round table conversation over a cup of tea would find us wondering what we would need to make the perfect campaign.

Sometimes, these fantasies turn into complete technical discussions where real merits and demerits would be pitted against each other for hypothetical campaigns.

With our best minds in Advertising Design, Content Development, Media Planning, Advertising Strategy and Media Buying spending real essential work hours fantasising about campaigns that may or may not happen, we were able to determine the components of the perfect advertising campaign.

1. The Copy

Creative Advertising Agencies would agree that getting the copy just right at the absolute beginning of the campaign is essential. This gives the creative team the right grounds to build upon the same lines.

HINT: The copy needs to be crisp, concise, and simple. You may feel like an intellectual by using big words but that is the biggest mistake you can make.

2. The Identity

The identity of the brand needs to be versatile. The lack of versatility in a brand’s logo, choice of colour, and fonts can be a major challenge for the designers.

HINT: A monochromatic logo is the first step towards building a versatile brand identity. Once you get that right, half of your battle is already won.

3. Content Type

As a creative advertising agency, these were the easiest choices for us to make; and yes, the answer is all of them. This includes text, Static stills and graphics, audio and music, Animated Videos, live action videos.

HINT: all forms of content are always important, You never know how you would find an opportunity to find your customer.

4.Distribution of content

This is where experience, foresight, and thorough market research come into play. Advertising design depends greatly on the distribution strategy of the content generated through creative services. But thanks to this justified use of work hours, our team has been able to devise the best strategy for content distribution.

a. RADIO Advertising

Radio advertising is one of the most preferred advertising platforms for the masses. This platform has a host of radio stations in every city that cater to their specific audience. So it can be used for targeting while still being affordable.

b. Outdoor Advertising

This is where you will start to build some credibility and long-term recall. These strategically placed hoardings will be seen repeatedly by commuters that use the same route to travel regularly.

c. TV Advertising

This platform has the best reach per broadcast station. It is also one of the most expensive advertising platforms. TV although, would require the next component to make it highly effective.

d. Celebrity Endorsements

Associating a brand with a major personality is highly beneficial to a brand. You can leverage that personality’s loyal followers to accelerate sales and engagement.

e. Newspaper Advertising

This is what will bring every element together. This is the most trusted advertising platform in the world. An intellectual audience with the patience to read through your advertising design is always beneficial. 

f. Digital Advertising

Although this platform has lost much of its charm due to oversaturation with advertising, Digital advertising can still be used to run a widespread awareness campaign across regions to reinforce all other distribution platforms mentioned above.

5. The Agency

Hiring the right creative advertising agency is essential for any brand to have a successful advertising campaign. The quality of their creative services and strategic distribution governs the amount of engagement, recall, and sales you would receive through your campaign.

Ritz Media World has more than 15 years of successful deliveries of engaging campaigns.

You can reach out to us directly or ping us on any of our social media channels.

Until then, Happy Advertising!

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