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Is newspaper print advertising still effective in 2022?

There have been multiple instances where some brands have expressed reservations against deploying their ads in newspapers and any other form of print media. This is mainly due to the assumption that they would find better traction by promoting their products and services on digital platforms.

However, there have been numerous studies that have concluded otherwise. By the end of 2021, newspapers had not just recovered their pre-COVID readership, but it now appears that they have considerably grown past it.

The Onset of COVID-19

The COVID pandemic in 2020 caused a major shift in the way we consume information and how major brands advertise to a mass audience. With strict lockdown protocols in place, Newspapers and other print media distributions faced crippling challenges in maintaining a consistent supply chain.

Given these challenges, newspaper publications did struggle to keep up with their timelines. 

As a consequence, readers had to rely on online outlets for information for their news updates through times of uncertainty. But this rapid adaptation also meant that readers had to sift through the large number of publications that were mostly unreliable due to lack of research and in many cases Fake News.

The Call-back to reading

With a complete lack of options to find a proper escape from the constant cycle of unreliable and negative news updates. Many individuals found solace in reading books that helped them cope with their daily challenges. This helped them rekindle the experience of running their finger through pages and the general pleasure of not having to double-check sources for reliability.

This became evident when all ecommerce platforms started to report an uptick in their book sales through the first year of the pandemic.

The return of News

Upon the return of newspapers and print media, the industry still struggled to keep operations afloat as many agencies and individual brands had decided to mostly ignore the inclusion of print into their media publication and distribution mix.

But this view was quickly corrected when newspapers reported a rapid recovery in readership subscriptions. This was also backed by independent market studies that showed signs of a significant recovery in readership in a very short time.

This has been instrumental in leading the print media sector on the road to recovery.

The realization of reliability

Print Newspaper Advertising -Rmw

Brands were quick to realize that relying solely on digital media distribution on social platforms was not enough. As they had to compete on the same grounds with newer brands that could also be defrauding their customer base with inferior products and in many cases, no product at all.

The consumer segment was quick to realize this pattern and started to grow immune to digital advertising.

The Word of Print

This is also when the brands realized that customers are more likely to respond to print ads in newspapers as it’s a platform that is still stated to be more reliable than any other digital media outlet.

This is how many agencies and brands have retreated back to Newspaper Print advertising as their preferred platform. It has again become a key element for any major media planning strategy as it is the only platform that provides an additional essence of trust to any brand’s target audience.

Today, Newspapers hold just as much credibility (if not more) in the eyes of their readers. This is why Print Advertising is still considered to be one of the most effective ways to generate awareness and sales.

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