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Key tips on Mall Advertising

Post 2021, Malls have seen a steady resurgence in visitors. This is mainly because of the public’s newfound passion for going outdoors at the first chance that they get. This has made Mall advertising a prime choice for B2C brands. When you reach out to your advertising agency, you must be aware of the basics before you make any decisions.

What is Mall Advertising?

Mall advertising is a part of Out Of Home advertising. Its Modus Operandi is to leverage branding and product placement opportunities in Shopping malls and high-traffic markets. This form of advertising can be seen to take many forms. This can be Façade banners, Indoor Dropdowns, Flex Banners, Static Displays, and Digital Displays.

What are the benefits of Mall advertising?

You can ask your advertising agency for a detailed and subjective answer. But if you want a yardstick set of key points, you can refer to the following.   

  • Your audience is already in the mood to spend money.
  • Customers are more likely to pause and notice your display ads.
  • Mall visitors spend between 3-5 hours per mall visit, this gives your ads much longer exposure.
  • Mall advertising for businesses present in the mall works well to reinforce the power of suggestive advertising.
  • Advertising in malls generates a higher recall rate than digital advertising.
  • Mall advertising is geographical in nature so its design and copy can be optimized to make the most of local references and language.

What are the best practices for mall advertising?

There is a lot that you need to keep in mind before you start advertising in malls. Your advertising agency will ensure that the following points are aggressed.

  • Visit the Mall’s location before committing to advertising in the given mall.
  • Carefully consider your ad placement. If you’re a food brand, it would make more sense for you to advertise near the Mall’s food court.
  • Find a creative way to display your advertising to optimize your impact. You can learn more about outdoor advertising design by clicking here.
  • Prefer advertising in malls where your business also has a physical presence.
  • Pick your target audience and invite them specifically.

What to avoid in Mall Advertising?

There are specific ways of getting things right and infinite ways of getting things wrong. Your advertising agency will help you

  • Use the right call to action. If you ask the customer to ‘VISIT US’ while not having a physical location at the mall, you could end up confusing the customer.
  • Avoid using negative terminology, Mall audiences generally prefer avoiding

You can learn more about what to avoid in advertising design by clicking here.

Ritz Media World is an advertising agency that has been servicing brands nationally for the last 15 years. This has also required us to constantly keep track of the latest developments in the world of advertising. This has enabled us to continuously deliver effective campaigns for our clients and partners.

This is why we have also been awarded the recognition of ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR’ by the Economic Times.

If you wish to know more about how we can leverage our mall advertising expertise and advertising agency experience to grow your brand, you can get in touch with us by clicking here.

Until then, Happy Advertising.

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