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Lost in time: House hold Indian brands that slowly faded away

House Hold Indian brands Lost in time

Lost in time – Dalda

Dalda was a well-known brand for cooking oil and fats. It played a significant role in Indian kitchens for several decades. The brand lost its appeal due to increasing health consciousness among consumers and the emergence of other healthier cooking oil options.

Gold Spot

Gold Spot was a popular orange-flavoured carbonated soft drink. It was once a major competitor to brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. However, it eventually lost its market share due to intense competition and the popularity of other cola brands.

Lost in time – Nirma

Nirma was a brand known for its affordable and effective detergent products. It gained popularity for offering a low-cost alternative to established detergent brands. As the market evolved and more options became available, Nirma faced challenges in maintaining its dominance.

Premier Padmini (Fiat)

The Premier Padmini, often referred to as the Fiat Padmini was a classic Indian car model produced by Premier Automobiles Limited. It was widely used as a taxi and was considered an iconic Indian car. However, the introduction of more modern and fuel-efficient car models led to its decline.

Lost in time – Murphy Radios

Murphy Radios was a prominent brand in the Indian electronics industry, known for its radios and other electronic appliances. As technology advanced and consumer preferences shifted toward newer forms of entertainment and communication, the demand for traditional radios decreased.


Rasna was a popular brand for instant fruit-flavored drink mixes. It gained fame for providing an affordable beverage option for families. Over time, the market saw the emergence of a wide range of beverage choices, and Rasna faced competition from both local and international brands.


Kelvinator was a well-known brand for refrigerators and home appliances. It lost its prominence due to the influx of international brands and the demand for more energy-efficient and technologically advanced appliances.

These brands had a significant impact on the early Indian consumer and played a role in shaping the consumer landscape. However, various factors, including changing consumer preferences, technological advancements, and competition, contributed to their eventual decline and disappearance from the market.

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