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Sticking to Success: A Case Study on the Fevicol Marketing Campaign

Case Study on the Fevicol Marketing

In the world of advertising, few brands have achieved the iconic status that Fevicol has. Known for its powerful adhesive products, Fevicol, a brand under the Pidilite Industries umbrella, has managed to capture the hearts and minds of consumers across India. This case study delves into the advertising strategy used for the ‘Stuck By Fevicol’ marketing campaign, which played a pivotal role in cementing Fevicol’s position as the go-to brand for adhesive solutions.

Case Study on the Fevicol -

Campaign Objectives

  • Brand Reinforcement: Fevicol sought to reinforce its position as the most trusted and reliable adhesive brand in India.
  • Product Awareness: The campaign aimed to educate consumers about the various Fevicol products available, emphasizing their unique features and applications.
  • Emotional Connection: The strategy aimed to create an emotional connection with the audience, showcasing how Fevicol’s adhesives could solve real-life problems.

Fevicol Campaign Strategy

  • Understanding the Audience: The Fevicol team recognized that their audience included both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. They conducted in-depth market research to understand their pain points and preferences.
  • Embracing Humor: Fevicol understood that humour could be a powerful tool to engage the audience. They decided to craft their Best Ad Agency in Delhi NCR with a humorous twist that would leave a lasting impression.
  • Real-Life Situations: The campaign focused on portraying everyday situations where Fevicol products could be the ultimate solution. Whether it was fixing a broken chair or bonding a variety of materials, they showcased how Fevicol could save the day.
  • Consistent Branding: Fevicol maintained consistent branding throughout the campaign, featuring their iconic logo and jingle. This helped in reinforcing brand recall among consumers.

Campaign Execution

  • Television Commercials: Fevicol produced a series of TV commercials that depicted amusing scenarios where people found themselves ‘stuck’ without Fevicol. These ads were not only humorous but also memorable.
  • Print and Outdoor Media: The campaign extended its reach through print ads and outdoor media, featuring catchy slogans and visuals. This ensured that the campaign message reached a wider audience.
  • Digital Presence: Recognizing the importance of the digital landscape, Fevicol engaged with its audience on social media platforms. They ran contests, shared DIY tips, and responded promptly to customer queries, building a strong online community.
  • Engaging Influencers: Fevicol collaborated with influencers from various fields, such as carpentry, art, and interior design, to showcase the practical use of Fevicol products. This added credibility to the brand.


The ‘Stuck By Fevicol’ marketing campaign yielded remarkable results:

  • Brand Loyalty: Fevicol’s market share increased significantly, and it solidified its position as the adhesive brand of choice for consumers and professionals alike.
  • Increased Sales: The campaign led to a noticeable surge in sales across Fevicol’s product range, as consumers became more aware of the brand’s versatility and reliability.
  • Awards and Recognition: The campaign received numerous awards and accolades in the advertising industry for its creativity and effectiveness.
  • Strong Digital Presence: Fevicol’s social media engagement skyrocketed, with millions of followers engaging with the brand regularly.
  • Enhanced Brand Recall: The Fevicol jingle and its humorous ads became cultural touchpoints, ensuring that the brand remained top-of-mind for consumers.


The ‘Stuck By Fevicol’ marketing campaign is a testament to the power of creativity and humour in advertising. By understanding its audience, embracing humour, and effectively showcasing its products, Fevicol managed to not only reinforce its brand but also create Creative Ad Agency in Noida a lasting emotional connection with consumers. This iconic campaign continues to be a shining example in the world of Indian advertising, demonstrating how a well-executed strategy can lead to long-lasting success for a brand.

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