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The deep-rooted relationship between newspapers and Print advertising.

The deep-rooted relationship between newspapers and Print advertising.

Print Journalism is one of the most important pillars of a free and democratic society. Ever since its inception, publication through print has been at the forefront of being one of the most sought-after sources of unbiased and fact-based news. This had become and still is a fundamental pillar of modern society and the information age.

In its early stages, it was seen as a privilege and was afforded only to a few in the Nobel classes as the cost of printing and distribution was too high for the general population to afford.

By the dawn of the 16th century, the first instances of newspaper advertising appeared in the very first weekly gazettes in Venice Italy. This enables publications to defray the cost of printing and distribution for mass readers.

This model was quickly adopted by the rest of Italy, Germany and Holland.

The early adopting middle class that received these weekly newspapers were initially introduced to newspaper ads for Health remedies, print advertisements for food and beverages, and features for the latest fashion trends in regional publications.


By the 19th century, the first Print Advertising Agencies emerged. These agencies quickly became the primary source of income for publications through newspaper advertising. These agencies were responsible for creating compelling ads by using appealing designs to advertise to readers.

Agencies like J. Walter Thompson became the first ad agencies to achieve global dominance with their ads being published in multiple countries in Europe and some parts of America.

This relationship between Advertising Agencies and Newspaper publishers has continued to grow stronger over time.

In 2022, Newspaper print advertising in India Alone is expected to generate a revenue of more than INR 27,000 crores. Which is a significant indicator of growth when compared to INR 18,000 crores in 2021.

This growth has been made possible by the unrelenting efforts of the best advertising agencies in India and all national print publications. This ensures that Newspapers are accessible to all parts of the Indian population. It also ensures that Newspaper ads reach a larger amount of readers.

This positive revenue feed loop is what delivers sustainable growth for Print Media publishers, Print advertising agencies, Advertising brands, and readers alike.

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