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Why You Should Advertise In The Times Of India?

A leading newspaper with a huge customer base of 7.59 million (approx.) readers across the nation. The Times of India has grown to become a better source of information across different genres like sports, politics, entertainment, fashion & lifestyle, global news, etc.

The Times of India is a daily newspaper published in the English language and is owned and managed by Bennett Coleman Co Ltd popularly known as the Times Group.

In the Brand Trust Report India study, TOI was recently rated as the most trusted English newspaper in India.

7 Reasons to start advertising in The Times of India:

Cost of a display advertisement -Rmw

1. Pocket-Friendly:  What makes Time of India ads so much in demand is the affordable ad rates. The advertisement rates are designed in such a way that it will help people from all walks of life to advertise and fulfill their requirements.

The advertising cost in the Times of India newspaper ranges from Rs.300 for Classified Ads to Rs.50 lakh for a full-page advertisement, with the lowest cost being Rs.300. Prices vary depending on the kind of advertisement you want, the category you choose, and the number of editions you like to get your ad print in.

The cost of a display advertisement varies based on the page on which it is placed. When compared to other pages, the costs for the Front Page, Back Page, and Page3 are much higher.

Benefits of booking an ad online - Rmw

2.BENEFITS OF BOOKING AN AD ONLINE: Gone are the days when ads were booked by physically visiting the TOI newspaper office and manually filling out the form, standing in line, or racing to meet deadlines. Now you can book an advertisement for the TOI Newspaper online with minimal effort.

(a) Fast & Easy – With just a few clicks, you can easily book an ad in the Times of India newspaper.

(b) Simple to Understand – The advertisement booking procedure is very simple. Every step, such as selecting a category, and city, understanding the cost, writing the ad, and completing the payment, is presented in a very simplified form.

(c) Lowest price – When you book ads online for the TOI newspaper, they offer exclusive deals and discounts.

(d) Excellent support – TOI has a great customer support team that can assist you while booking your ad online.

Easy to book an ad in the TOI newspaper - Rmw

3. Easy to book an ad in the TOI newspaper:   Booking an advertisement never looked this easy. But TOI made it possible.
(a) Select Ad Category – To place an ad in The Times of India, first select, an Ad Category and choose [Classified or Display] as the Ad Type.

(b) Choose City – Now, select the city where you want to advertise in the TOI Newspaper. You can also choose customized ad packages that provide the cost-saving option for placing ads in several cities.

(c) Select Date – The next step is to choose a date from the Calendar to schedule the Advertisement for publication in the Newspaper.

(d) Draft Ad – The next step is to write your ad content. Refer to TOI Ad Samples to draft an effective & brief newspaper ad.

So, by following this simple procedure, your advertisement is confirmed for publication in the TOI newspaper.


Reach a larger audience - Rmw

4. Wide Reach The Times of India’s emphasis on truth, serious tone, and coverage of foreign events increased its reputation in India, where it became regarded as an intellectual daily over time. Advertising in the Times of India Newspaper is a great way to reach a larger audience.

Expose your brand - Rmw

5.Great Exposure – The newspaper would allow you to expose your brand to these readers. Your featured advertising will not only have a wide reach but will also get a lot of attention from target consumers from all across the nation. It has the ability to reach over 13 million readers.

Variety of advertising - Rmw

6.Several Choices TOI caters to every sector of marketers with a diverse variety of advertising alternatives. Advertisers with large to modest budgets may place ads in the Times of India newspaper. It generates a positive reaction from readers, making the expense of advertising worthwhile.

Various payment options available - Rmw

7.Various payment options available – TOI accept payment through various option. You can make payments through Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), Debit Card (Mastercard, Visa, RuPay), Netbanking (From all major Banks in India), UPI (GPay, PayTm, PhonePe, and many more), e-Wallet (Airtel Money, CitrusPay, Eko, ICICI Pockets, Idea Money, ITZ Cash, Ola Money, Reliance Jio Money, The Mobile Wallet), Bank Transfer (You can transfer the amount through IMPS or NEFT, Cash Deposit (You can deposit Cash in TOI Bank Account).

Every day, Time of India offers you the most recent news and commentary on current events, business, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and culture. It is the preferred publication of 13 million people, with a daily circulation of more than 3 million copies. As a result of its high circulation.

When you work with Ritz Media World, You are working with an agency that holds decades of experience in print Advertising across the nation.  This enables us to optimize the cost and effectiveness of your ad campaign through a well-thought-out media planning strategy.

Ritz Media World was also recently awarded by ‘The Economic Times’ as ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency In Delhi NCR’.

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Happy Advertising!

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