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Advantages of Sponsoring a Radio show segment

Radio advertising is one of the most preferred platforms for mainstream advertising. This is also one of the most affordable forms of broadcast advertising as well. This is mainly because of its localized broadcast zones. It allows local businesses to have a propagation option that they can afford. This includes Hospitals, Schools, Amusement Parks, Restaurants, and Local stores.

It is also a highly customizable tool that offers a range of advertising options. These options vary in the delivery of advertising and overall coverage throughout the broadcast day.  

In this segment, we’ll be discussing Segment Sponsorship and its advantages.

Sponsored Segments

Sponsored Segments - Rmw

This is one of the most expensive variations in radio advertising. This involves a business becoming a sponsor of a complete show or a show segment. This is ideal when the show or the show or the show segment is relevant to the advertising business.

For Example, A real estate builder can be an ideal candidate to sponsor a show or a show segment for a real estate radio show.

A segment sponsorship will mean that the brand will be mentioned at the beginning of the show, before and after every break, and at the end of the show.

There can be additional forms of brand activation through this sponsorship, but that would depend on the type of deal you’re able to reach with the radio station.

There are various benefits of going for the sponsored segment:

  • Recall elevation: Your brand is repeated regularly throughout the segment show. Your brand is also mentioned every time there is an ad regarding a specific segment.
  • Brand Authority: Becoming a segment sponsor solidifies your standing as a serious business.
  • Reach: Whenever your brand is mentioned, the name travels through the airwaves up to 80 KMs in all directions and radio listeners.
  • Brand Association: As your brand is repeatedly mentioned with the specific topic or business vertical, listeners will start to synonymize your brand with said vertical.

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Until then. Happy Advertising!

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