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Relation between Age, Advertising, and Consumer Interest.

As an advertising agency, much of our time goes into tracking consumer behaviours and interests. This enables us to competently assess the consumer bracket for products and services. Consumer interests often change with age due to various factors such as lifestyle, income, and personal preferences. Here are some general patterns of how consumer interest tends to change with age:

Childhood (1-12)

During childhood, consumer interest is primarily influenced by parents and caregivers. An advertising agency would target children with products like toys, games, and other forms of entertainment.

Teenage Years (13-19)

During the teenage years, consumer interest starts to shift towards more individualistic preferences. Teenagers are targeted by an advertising agency to promote products related to fashion, music, electronics, and personal care products.

Early Adulthood (20-35)

An advertising agency would target individuals in early adulthood, as a consumer whose interest tends to be focused on building a career, starting a family, and buying a home. There may also be an increased interest in luxury goods and experiences.

Middle Age (36-60)

In middle age, consumer interest may shift towards home improvement, health and wellness, and financial planning. An advertising agency would usually take this target consumer more seriously as this group has the highest per capita spending capacity.

Retirement (61-80)

In retirement, consumer interest may focus on travel, hobbies, and healthcare.

Any advertising agency needs to note that these are just general trends and individual preferences and circumstances can vary widely. Additionally, consumer interests can be influenced by many other factors beyond age, such as cultural background, geographic location, and personal values.

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