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How Advertising Has Become The Key Driver For Festivals

Once again, it’s festival season in the country. According to Hindu scripture, Holi symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. But Holi isn’t the only festival in the calendar year.

India is a melting pot of all major religions. It is also home to countless intimations of cultures, languages and ideologies. This is what an advertising agency recognises very well. You will find that the workforce is always seeking ways to bring cultural events to the forefront.

You can even say that an advertising agency’s calendar can act as a key reference for marking every significant day throughout the calendar year.

But what does Advertising have to do with festivals?

Festivals stimulate the economy

Besides their religious and cultural significance, Festivals are also major drivers of the economy. Festivals are generally celebrated through gifting, and that means that there is an elevated amount of money spent on these occasions.

A good advertising agency recognises that this acts as a shot of mini stimulation into the economy. The many minor and major festivals on a national and regional scale constantly keep the economy moving.

Excitement drives the commercial aspect

The festive season drives additional excitement in the country’s population as it is also seen as an auspicious occasion to make major purchases, which could mean buying a new home, a car, or a mobile phone. 

An advertising agency ensures that its clients are able to reach this population with their deals and benefits.

Advertising the best commercial enabler

It does not take long for one to recognise the fact that we are living in a world that is more disengaged than ever. This had become apparent in the growing disinterest of the general population (Especially in age groups between the age group of 15-25). This meant that these microsimulations in the economy had started to lose their impact capability.

Advertising agencies took up the charge of generating hype around the festive season with engaging content and events to revive the spending culture that has a direct impact on their clients.

So one can say that advertising has now become a key commercial enabler of the festive season.

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Until then. Happy Advertising!

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