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How to sell a million SUVs in INDIA!

The automotive industry is a highly competitive market, and launching a new SUV car requires a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes above-the-line advertising to capture the attention of a wide audience. Here’s an example of how an advertising agency would plan to promote and sell a million new SUVs.

Television Ads

Television ads are one of the most effective ways to reach a broad audience, and we will create a series of high-quality TV ads showcasing the new SUV’s features, design, and performance capabilities. The advertising agency will run tv ads during prime-time viewing slots on local and national channels. We will use eye-catching visuals, engaging music, and clever messaging to create a memorable and impactful ad campaign.

Print Ads

To promote the SUV’s features, including its fuel efficiency, safety, and advanced technology. An advertising agency will run full-page ads in leading automotive magazines and newspapers. These ads will feature stunning visuals of the SUV, along with key selling points, to entice potential buyers to visit the dealership for a test drive.

Outdoor Advertising

The advertising agency will place billboards in high-traffic areas and transit hubs around major cities. The billboards will feature bold visuals of the SUV and its key features, along with a call to action, such as “Visit your nearest dealership today.”

Radio Ads

The advertising agency will create a series of radio ads that will run on popular radio stations during peak commuting times. The ads will highlight the SUV’s capabilities and unique selling points, such as its spacious interior and advanced safety features. They will use catchy jingles, clever taglines, and engaging voiceovers to create an impact and increase recall.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are effective tools for reaching a wider audience, and we will use them to promote the SUV. We will create a range of engaging content, including videos, images, and car reviews, to generate interest and drive traffic to the dealership. We will also use paid advertising to target specific demographics, such as new parents, outdoor enthusiasts, and tech-savvy individuals.

Influencer Marketing

Partnering with automotive influencers and lifestyle bloggers can be an effective way to showcase the SUV’s features and generate buzz on social media. The advertising agency will identify key influencers in our target demographic and work with them to create content featuring the SUV and its features. They will share this content across our social media channels to amplify reach and engagement.


Hosting a launch event for the new SUV can generate excitement and media coverage. The advertising agency will invite journalists, automotive enthusiasts, and prospective buyers to test drive the car, meet the team behind its creation, and experience its features first-hand. This will be an opportunity to showcase the SUV’s features and generate positive word-of-mouth.

By using a range of above-the-line advertising tactics, the advertising agency will be able to create a buzz around the new SUV, generate interest, and drive traffic to the dealership. This approach will help to establish the SUV as a high-performing, innovative, and desirable vehicle in the minds of consumers.

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Until then, Happy Advertising!

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