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Radio Advertising Types & Benefits

Picture this, you’re traveling in a car with your family or friends and all of you suddenly start humming a radio jingle because you’ve listened to it so many times and now it’s stuck in your head. That is effective radio advertising.

What is Radio Advertising?

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Radio advertising, just like normal advertising but is done on the radio instead of on televisions or on flyers. Companies can run their ads on their chosen radio channels by paying radio stations. These radio stations air the company’s ads in between their usual programs or during live events.

Types of Radio Advertising

There are three types of radio advertising depending on when and how they’re aired.

  • Sponsorship

This type of radio advertising is used when you pay money and sponsor a specific event or a reading such as a weather forecast in between live commentary for a sports event. The radio station reads the weather forecast and tells the audience that it is sponsored by your company and how they can contact you.

  • Produced

In this type of advertising, your radio advertisement is played normally with your company’s message and a short jingle or a tagline. These are read in between programs just like the normal television ads that are aired on TV.

  • Live Read

These advertisements are read by a commentator of a sports or any other event that is happening live. The host’s powerful voice comes into play and makes this effective.

Benefits of Radio Advertising

Some may argue that with the emerging forms of advertising such as print and television advertisements, radio advertisements won’t be effective. This doesn’t hold true given that the radio is a million-dollar industry. Here are a few benefits of radio advertising:

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  • Target audience

Radios have been functioning for years and they know well who their audience are and the reach. If you’re targeting a specific age group or gender, radio has a correct record of an estimate of how many people your advertisements will reach as they’ve been doing it for years.

  • Budget-friendly

Not only is radio advertising effective, it also enables you to run your ads without burning a hole in your pocket.With something that’s this effective, there’s no harm in running a radio advertisement that is sure to get you conversions.

  • Accessible

For people who are always on the road with no television or newspapers, radio is their only option to keep up with what’s going on in the world. Radio advertising can reach these kinds of people easily and can influence them to buy something that they’ll need during their journey.

  • Priority

When you’re playing a radio advertisement, your listeners have no other advertisement to listen to or look at unlike in print and online advertisements. Listeners will listen to your ad completely before they can continue enjoying the program on the radio.

  • Frequency

When you listen to a certain advertisement for 3 or 4 times, it will provoke you to respond to the advertisement’s call to action. This is another way in which radio advertisements can prove to be effective if they’re playing the right amount of time.

Besides these, there are countless advantages when you run advertisements on radio. If you’re a company or brand and want to build your brand’s presence, Creative Thinks Media can help you get started. Call us on +91 7290002168 and we’d be happy to help.

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