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Ritz Media World’s 2022 Advertising Highlights

We’ve had a wonderful year. As the country and world recovered, so did we.

As soon as the team got together, they started to look for challenges that could engage them. It was a sight welcomed by our clients and we took this opportunity to deliver to them the best of what we can do. With our new expansion into content marketing, our new team quickly got to work and started to generate story-based content for our clients that started to garner improved engagement and gradually started to reflect in sales.

This helped us generate an array of engaging creatives for digital and mainstream advertising platforms.

So here’s a quick recap of the most remarkable creatives that our team generated for our clients.

Campaign Designing

We’ve had multiple clients reach out to us to design engaging and recall-worthy campaigns and we’ve successfully delivered upon all of them. These campaigns included Radio Advertising, Newspaper Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, and Social Media Content.


About the client: FIARFOX Infra is one of the most prominent real estate developers in NOIDA. Their latest offering is by the name of ‘Eye Of NOIDA’ also popularly known as ‘EON’ in Sector 140 A.

Opportunity: The client took a new step to attract potential investors by offering square foot prices that were up to 3 times lower than its competitors. With a clear distinction that they will not be offering any peripheral promises such as instant returns.

Ritz Media World was recruited to provide a suitable headline for this USP and design campaigns around the same.

The Solution: The team at RMW first came up with the catchy punchline ‘FAIRFOX KI FAIRDEAL’. This punchline was instantly loved by test groups and clients alike. So RMW’s team generated compelling ads for the same.


Fairfox Newspaper ad - Rmw

The first visual reference for Newspaper advertising showcased how other developers confuse investors with farfetched promises and paid for them using the investor’s money. This money was brought in by the inflated cost of every square foot that the investor paid for.


The same message was articulated in radio advertising. With a clear explanation of how these peripheral promises are fulfilled. We also highlighted the fact that FAIRFOX maintains transparency through its prices.


Outdoor advertising required us to use a lot less content when compared to Print and radio ads. This is why we employed a highly simplified creative with only the key highlights.

Big Bigger Bestest (Maasters Infra)

About Maasters Infra: Maasters Infra is a prominent real estate developer whose latest offering is ‘Capitol Avenue’ in NOIDA sector 62. Their USP offers seamless connectivity to Delhi and Ghaziabad via its proximity to Metro stations and the Delhi-Meerut expressway.

Opportunity: Maasters Infra wanted to initiate a purchase size-based incentive scheme that offered better prices for larger purchases while the returns and appreciation will remain exponential to the size of the investor’s purchase.

Ritz Media World was tasked with developing the concept along with the creatives for Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, and Instagram.

Solution: The team developed and produced the ‘Big Bigger Bestest’ campaign. Post approvals from focus groups and the client, adaptations were created for all platforms mentioned above.


For Newspaper Advertising, Multiple publications were employed to distribute the creative concept where one can see the benefits along with the artistic rendition of the project.


For outdoor advertising, the design team used fewer details and instead emphasized the hero copy of the complete concept.

Social Media

The primary purpose of social media is to publish content consistently. So the design team developed a complete array of posts that was corresponding to the theme of the campaign along with the content element that echoed the essence of the campaign as well.

Aazadi Campaign (Maasters Infra)

Opportunity: For the month of August, Maastres infra wanted a campaign designed around freedom. They required outdoor advertising and Social Media campaign for 15 days.

RMW was tasked to develop a compelling concept along with design provisions for the same.

Solution: The team at RMW developed an array of taglines along with the core design concept that could have an effective recall rate.


The hero copy was the centrepiece of the main creative concept. The Secondary text was placed in a manner where it could be switched to convey different messages while being related to the subject of real estate investing.

Social Media

The Social media creatives followed along with the same design language. The secondary support lines were changed in each post to show a different message. The Hero Copy along with the design helped us anchor the primary message of the campaign.

Group Landmark (Jeep Launch Event)

About Group Landmark: This is a major chain of car dealerships that has franchise partnerships with multiple international car brands.

Opportunity: Group Landmark had to generate market hype for the launch of a new high-end SUV by Jeep.

RMW was charged with generating hype for this launch event.

Solution: The team at RMW used an integrated approach to build hype around the new car.

Celebrity Endorsement

At Jeep’s Launch Event in Mumbai, Famous Actress Vaani Kapoor highlighted the procession by arriving at the venue and unveiling the car for all the media present.

Later she published multiple social media posts while praising the new SUV and its latest features.

Similarly, at a launch event in Punjab, Famous Singer/Actor Jassi Gill arrived at the Jeep showroom and unveiled the new Jeep SUV. He also followed up his visit with two social media posts praising the SUV’s latest set of features.


For radio advertising, news of the Jeep SUV launch was pushed Nationwide with the primary focus on major cities. This along with the digital spike with the national celebrity’s visits became a sizable contribution to the SUV’s general recall. 

Awards & Appreciation

A year packed with hard work and relentless research-based execution is bound to yield appreciation. Our humbled team’s uncompromising efforts have earned them praise and recognition on multiple occasions.

The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR – The Economic Times

In recognition of our relentless efforts and quality of service delivery, The Economic Times Awarded Ritz Media World with the recognition of ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR’.

Client Appreciation – DN Homes

Owing to the success of the projects and the popularity of their products, DN homes invited and awarded this great honour to RMW’s MD Ritesh Malik for the agency’s dedication and timely deliveries.

Yes, time has tested us all and it shall continue to do so. But with a thump on our chest, we’ll say that we’re ready.

We thank our wonderful clients for the opportunity to be of service. We thank our team for the hard work they put in. And we thank our lucky stars that we will continue to achieve more and grow together for the countless years yet to come.

We wish you all a wonderful 2023.

Happy New Year to us all!

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