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TV Advertising and its Advantages

There is a popular misconception that TV advertising is no longer an effective means of advertising since the onset of streaming services. But in actuality, the contrary is true. When it comes to streaming, the relationship between providers and viewers is strictly transactional. All one finds in the name of entertainment is the list of shows and movies that are available. There is no sense of a personal connection between the provider and the consumer besides a data-driven recommendation of the shows you may also like. 

In stark contrast, TV channels have always strived to entertain their audience at every instance. Its ability to provide the luxury of hands-off entertainment has its charm. The viewer doesn’t always appreciate being put on the spot. They don’t always want to be asked what they want to watch. TV still gives that ‘freedom from decisions’ to the viewer better than every other service.

This is why Television Advertising still delivers its value for money. This platform still enjoys the dedication of its cult-like following through its various channels dedicated to Sports, Movies, Reality Shows, Award Shows, and more.

This awards TV Advertising 6 Distinct Advantages over its digital counterparts.

• TV’s Reach is unbeatable

TV’s Reach is unbeatable - Rmw

As of today, 96% of the global population has access to TV through cable and satellite dishes. This is a feat that is yet to be achieved by the internet. This affords TV Advertising access to the most remote locations in the world. Streaming services in an area can only be made available once a reliable high-bandwidth internet connection is present.

• TV enjoys a Loyal Viewership

TV enjoys a Loyal Viewership - Rmw

With dedicated channels to Sports, Movies, Reality Shows, Award Shows, and Soaps, TV enjoys a largely loyal viewership when compared to streaming services. This means Advertising on TV gives you a more reliable platform to find your target audience.

• TV Advertising offers better targeting

TV Advertising offers better targeting - Rmw

TV Advertising enables brands to select their channels, and timeslots to place their advertising. This enables them to target their audience through viewing preferences. For example, TV ads can target homemakers by using time slots between 12 PM and 2 PM as that is the time they watch TV.

• TV Advertising gets a better recall

TV Advertising gets a better recall - Rmw

In the age of Digital Advertising, we’re starting to experience a new something known as advertising fatigue. It is a phenomenon where viewers have grown immune to advertising due to the oversaturation of Advertising through Digital Platforms. TV Advertising has always been entertainment-driven. This ensures that advertising is an actual part of the overall entertainment experience. This helps viewers remember the brands through advertising owing to better storytelling and production quality.

• TV advertising adds to brand credibility

TV advertising adds to brand credibility - Rmw

TV Advertising is a well-regulated and monitored platform. This means that TV Ads have to pass through several checks for standards and practices before being scheduled for advertising. This ensures that the advertisers are genuine. This adds credibility to your brand as only serious businesses are willing to spend time meeting compliance standards.

• TV Advertising can be affordable (If you ask the right people)

TV Advertising can be affordable - Rmw

After all considerations, the final factor would be the Cost of advertising on TV. You can find the best prices to be quite affordable if you reach out to the right agency. For Example, Ritz Media World offers integrated services that help you build a compelling story, script, Production, Ad Buying, and Scheduling.

Our quality delivery of services to clients has earned us the title of ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR’ Awarded by The Economic Times.

You can reach out to us directly via our contact us page, or give us a call by clicking on the number given in the footer.

Until then. Happy Advertising!

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