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Viral Marketing: What It Is, How It Works, Pros & Cons

In this internet marketing era, brands are captivating consumers’ attention through viral content marketing. From flashy buzzwords for unpredictable memes to an effective marketing technique, viral marketing has come a long way. These are intentional campaigns that are engineered to create a sensation. However, sometimes it goes extremely viral due to its infectious content. Apart from likes and sharing, viral marketing can help a brand connect with the audience, and here is how.

In the case of viral marketing, “viral” refers to something that spreads quickly and widely across its audience. Viral marketing is a deliberate enterprise, though the distribution of a message happens organically. As such, social media provides the perfect ecosystem for viral marketing, though it has its roots in traditional word-of-mouth marketing.


Unfortunately, there is no A+B+C formula that makes viral marketing efforts pay off, and it is often unknown what the exact cause is until the virality steps in. Many marketers hope for a campaign to go viral — meaning it’s recognized, widely accepted, and influential.

However, if you think about some of your favourite viral marketing campaigns, you’ll notice some common features. Marketers wanting to reach a bigger audience should keep these pros and cons in mind when creating their next campaign.


1. They can build your brand- When a marketing campaign goes viral, your audience automatically learns about your company, products, services, and brand. This includes people who may not have ever heard about your company otherwise. This is how some small companies make their “big break” and how large companies stay relevant.

2. Cost-Effective- Viral marketing is probably the most cost-effective type of marketing. It doesn’t take big bucks to create something that can get viral. In fact, sometimes, a simple message or idea is well appreciated by people, and the campaign may yield an unexpectedly high ROI.

3. Broader Reach The term viral means anything that has reached a massive audience. If your message gets viral, it automatically means you have reached a huge number of potential customers already.


1. Results Are Hard to Measure To date, there is no benchmark to measure the success of a viral marketing campaign. It is simply impossible for a business to measure the increase in sales volume due to a viral marketing campaign.

2. Negative Word Of Mouth- If people are sharing your content with positivity, your brand will be “viral” within no time. However, if they perceive your message in a negative manner, then your brand will be famous in an unwanted manner. Negative buzz can be extremely detrimental to any brand.

3. Potentiality for a backfire Sometimes viral advertising spreads widely but for the wrong reasons. Consider the number of times something trends on social media because of how much people dislike it. This takeaway from unsuccessful viral marketing efforts over recent years suggests it’s worth treading cautiously.

For the best impact and responses for your brand through viral marketing, you need an Advertising Agency that can understand your product’s targeted audience, develop the most impactful copy and design, and help you create the best campaigns.

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