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10 Reasons why you should start advertising on RADIO

Radio has always held its own when it comes to weighing its advantages. Against other mediums. So here are 10 reasons why you should start advertising on Radio Immediately.

• Radio ads come with a personal touch.

While convening important information, you don’t just rely on sending a text, a picture or even a video. You call them, you walk up to them and speak to them, or even whisper in their ear. Humans have mastered the art of speech for a reason we still value being spoken to, beyond anything else. That is the magical personal touch each radio ad can carry.

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• Repetition sells

Various psychological studies have confirmed that it takes the consumer at least three instances of the same advertising before it has any potential to leave an impact. This makes every other traditional medium accessible only to a few businesses that have deep pockets. however, Radio remains the only major broadcast medium that small businesses can use to advertise effectively.

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• It’s a proactive promotion medium

Passive promotional mediums usually only list available service and product options. Advertising on radio utilizes the power of suggestion with creative ways to incite the consumer’s emotions.

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• You can Target your radio ads

Contrary to popular belief, each radio station and radio show caters to a demographically specified audience. This includes Age, Gender, Occupation, Income, and Geography. What you have to do is to hire the right Fm Radio Advertising Agency to find which radio and show suit you the best.

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• Radio is preferred for the audience to escape adverting culture.

Radio stations generally dedicate only 1/5th of their broadcasting time to advertising, whereas channels like Music streaming apps sometimes force you to listen to 45-second ads before listening to a 2-minute song. This makes Audiences prefer radio as their entertainment option.

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• You can see the immediate effects of Radio Advertising.

Activities like RJ mentions can have an immediate reaction from its listeners after a convincing CTA. RJs carry their dedicated following and can influence consumer behaviour, they also charge a lot less than mainstream influencers.

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• Radio ads employ a listener’s imagination.

Creative radio ads use professional voice actors and sound effects to create a scenario that is in the listener’s mind. This helps in conveying an effective message without having to spend a large production budget.

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• Radio Ads are budget friendly

Due to Radio’s far-reaching audience, low cost of technical operations, and Low cost of production. Radio advertising is still the most cost-effective form of mainstream advertising.

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• Radio advertising sells everywhere.

Radio sets are remarkably simple devices that required very little evolution over the years. This has enabled Radio to become one of the most widely accepted mediums of information broadcasting and consumption.

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• You’re always at the centre of attention.

Radio advertising follows a queue of programs rather than a 2-dimensional space fighting for attention with every other ad. This means that your ad gets its dedicated space where your message does not have to compete with any other ad slotted right next to your ad.

All this sounds amazing, but where would you start?

Well, the answer is simple, Ritz Media World is the most experienced advertising agency in the NCR and was recently awarded as by the Economic Times as The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in the NCR.

You can call us, Write to us, or just drop us a message on our contact us page.

Happy Advertising!

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