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Different ways you can advertise on television

Television advertising is the most trusted platform for advertising. This has been the case even after the onset of digital advertising. A television set has become a staple in every home. We all treat it as our primary source of entertainment, news, education, and general information.

Different ways you can advertise on television - RMW

Because of this, Advertisers have been keen to leverage this platform’s popularity to offer products and services to potential customers.

The prospect of Television advertising has continuously expanded into multiple avenues and has evolved with the onset of digital telecasting technology.

You may be considering the opportunity to expand your customer base. But before you move forward, you should first know the basics of TV advertising.

This is something that your Television Advertising Agency will be well-equipped to explain to you. But for your benefit, here’s a quick list of ways you can leverage TV advertising.

Television Commercials (TVC)

This is the most basic form of television advertising. You simply buy a pre-designated advertising slot also known as a commercial break at a pre-determined time of the day. These ads usually range between 15-60 seconds.

Product Placement

This is where a product or service is integrated into a show organically as part of the actual/main storyline.

Brand integration

This is when the product or service being featured is the main fabric of a show’s certain episode or segment. This could be a challenge where the use of the product or service is pivotal.


Infomercials are long-form segments on television which last for 20-30 minutes. In these segments, a host and a product expert usually make a detailed presentation and demonstration for products. You may remember ads for Magic Bullet and Abs King Pro. These ads usually run between 11 PM and 2 AM as the airing rates are most affordable at that time.

Television advertising is not limited to the formats that are mentioned above. As long as you don’t violate the rules, you can get creative with your advertising ideas and broadcast the reach of your brand.

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Until then, Happy Advertising!

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