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How to choose your Billboard’s Location

Firstly, let’s understand what Billboard Advertising is. It’s a form of advertising that utilizes large display surfaces to advertise a business’s products or services in public spaces.

Billboards always hold a strong position in validation through their effectiveness in busy public spaces. It is also a highly effective way to position your brand as a trustable business on a national and local level.

Multiple factors influence the effect your Billboard Ads would have on your target audiences like the size, copy, and design. But the most important factor to consider is the location of your billboard Ad.

So, here is a quick guide for you to help you choose your Billboard’s ideal location.

1. Near Hotels and commercial establishments

Near Hotels and commercial establishments- Rmw

Commercial hubs such as markets and tourist hotspots can be highly effective billboard locations. It is an ideal place for advertising restaurants in nearby destinations and the same location as well. As tourists are bound to explore new locations and try new things, they are more likely to respond to ads from businesses that offer the same.

2. Near Office Buildings

Billboard Advertising Agency - Rmw

By advertising near office buildings, you are targeting a professional and possibly high-income workforce. Keeping this in mind, products and services that are aspirational like cars or homes, are bound to garner a better response while in these locations. Similarly, utility-based billboard advertising for working professionals such as food & grocery delivery services is also bound to have a proportionally higher response.

3. Near schools and educational establishments

Near schools and educational establishments - Rmw

The target audience near educational institutions is mostly comprised of students and their guardians. This makes it an ideal space for advertising products and services for educational assistance. This includes coaching institutes and training workshops.

4. National Highways and expressways

Billboard Advertising - Rmw

It is unlikely to see more traffic pass through than expressways and national highways. This makes them an ideal location for impact-based advertising. It is also an ideal place to target long-term impact as these locations usually see regular travellers near major cities. In these locations, real estate ads for residential projects that reduce travel time can be ideal along with ads for cars that guarantee a better travel experience.

5. Near Railway and Bus terminals

Near Railway and Bus terminals -Rmw

These locations usually experience high transit traffic. This includes long-distance travellers. This is an ideal billboard advertising location for travel utilities such as travel snacks, and instant Travel insurance.

For the best impact and responses for your billboard advertising, you need a Billboard Advertising Agency that can understand your product’s services, identify the best location for your Billboard ads, develop the most impactful copy and design, and get you the best prices for your campaigns.

For all of the above, you can get in touch with Ritz Media World. Awarded as ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR’ by The Economic Times.

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Happy Advertising!

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