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How to pick the best slot for radio advertising?

Radio Advertising is a fantastic way to grow your business, increase your brand awareness and generate sales. Radio is trustworthy, listeners develop a bond with these radio personalities, they are with them in the mornings on their commute to work, and in the evenings on their way home from a long day. They become that trusty companion and taking advantage of this through advertising can bring great results for a brand. As a business owner, you might be planning your new marketing strategy and looking for ways in which to increase your brand awareness and sales.

Traditional methods of advertising have started to be overlooked due to common misconceptions. Fortunately, we are able to advise on why you should look at radio advertising to achieve your advertising goals.

Radio has a set pattern of listening: During certain days–and certain times of the day–a certain number and a certain type of people will be listening, and these listeners will be doing similar things.

Time slots to advertise on Radio

Time – 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Time Zone – Morning (Prime Time)

The morning time band is considered prime time and is highly recommended for advertisements due to the increased number of listeners in the morning.

Time – 11:00 AM– 5:00 PM

Time Zone – Afternoon

The Afternoon time band is considered a non-prime time due to its lesser number of listeners comparatively but music shows and major podcasts are played in this slot.

Time – 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Time Zone – Evening (Prime Time)

The evening slot is considered a prime time and recommended for advertisements because more commuters listen to the radio in the evening.

The rage of Radio Advertising is high in the national capital. With over 1.9 crore people residing in NCR, the scope of radio marketing is immense in the area with some popular radio stations like Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, 92.7 Big FM,  91.1 FM Radio City, Red FM 93.5, Fever FM, Radio Nasha and many more. Most people tune in to radio stations on their commute or at home. And with the increasing traffic on the NCR roads every day, the listening time of the audience is only growing.

Additionally, radio channels broadcast their programs to people all across the NCR. Therefore, along with Delhi, your brand will reach out to the cities of Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida, etc. So, build strong brand credibility through radio advertising in Delhi.

Ritz media World is an award-winning print and Radio Advertising Company in Delhi NCR that offers an all-encompassing set of advertising solutions that ensures your brand’s growth. This is why Ritz Media World was awarded ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR’ by The Economic Times.

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