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How to get your visual advertising just right

There are a million decisions that you have to make right before you finally get to your advertising design. But there are still many decisions that need to be made before you set your pen to paper. So this is when you narrow down your choices and make a decision regarding the advertising design that you’re going to pick.

How to get your visual advertising just right - Rmw

A creative advertising agency such as Ritz media world has developed this decision cycle over the last 15 years while providing our creative services to thousands of clients.

The decisions that you make beyond this point will govern the amount of short & term engagement and recall of your advertising. To ensure that you pick the best route to design your creatives, you can follow the steps below.

Build your mood board

First, you need to find the right inspiration for designing your posts. This doesn’t mean that you can just go out and blatantly copy what other companies are doing. You need to understand what colours, fonts, and Layouts suit your brand’s story.

With clarity on this, your advertising design will be most effective when put in front of your customer.

A mood board is the most effective way of getting this done. You can simply build a repository of everything that you believe can be leveraged to enhance your brand’s message.

Stick to your brand’s offerings

Building your brand’s recall is a lot easier when your brand’s identity is directly relatable to the product or services you provide. For example, If your product is related it foods, you will use imagery and illustrations that depict the same.

It is not always necessary to follow this, but it is highly recommended.

Creative service providers with the right insight will always prefer to exercise this design logic. 

Offer Value

Many brands spend too much time trying to convince people to buy from them. But a customer will only choose a brand that offers them the best value. This doesn’t always mean a cash-based incentive. Many customers place value on time & Effort saved.

These intangible values can more often mean more to the customer than a 5% discount.

Try to incorporate copy that does the same. Keep away from case incentives as much as possible.

Build Trust

Customers prefer to buy from brands that they trust. This means brands that have an intimidating initial impression would be less likely to be trusted. You can try associating your brand with images that are non-threatening, or associate your brands that people find to be friendly and trustworthy.

This is usually the first goal of a creative advertising agency.

An easy hack is to use smiles.

Find relativity with your audience

Your product doesn’t mean much to your audience if they don’t relate to it. Advertising design relies heavily on relatability to your success. Your product must share your customer’s story, it must show them that their pain is shared by you as well.

You can have your story told as well if you work with Ritz Media Word. We’ve been awarded the recognition of ‘The Most Trusted Advertising Agency in Delhi/NCR’ by The Economic Times for our integrated creative services.

You can reach out to us directly or you can ping us on any of our social media handles.

Until then, Happy Advertising!

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