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Picking the right platform for your advertising

You’ve spent a long time perfecting your product. It’s stored and ready to ship. But there is one critical element that you may still be missing. Throughout your journey, did you ever think about where you’re going to sell your product?

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Before your creative advertising agency sets off on its advertising design, you first need to know where you can effectively find your audience. By doing so, you could be saving a major chunk of potential advertising expenses.

Social media advertising

When you advertise on social media, you design creatives to have maximum impact in the minimum amount of time. This is because Social media suffers greatly from advertising fatigue. This means that viewers are oversaturated with ads. This greatly hinders the effectiveness of this advertising medium. This is why creative service providers will always design social media creatives to have maximum brand visibility.

You would generally use a minimum amount of copy and maximum branding exposure.

Print Advertising

A Creative advertising agency would find this platform to be most effective for engagement and recall as this is one of the most trusted advertising platforms. Advertising design on this platform is usually designed for an intellectually capable audience. So the terminology in content and information structuring is a lot more informative.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising design usually requires similar design parameters as social media but it enjoys a much better rate of recall. As this platform uses strategic geological placements for commuters, it gets repeated exposure from its audience that passes the same route regularly. The tangibility of the advertising placement also provides a level of brand authority.

Creative service providers can take liberties in creating these designs as repeated exposure allows the content to be saturated fully by the observer.

Email Advertising

Although email advertising has a high bounce rate due to spam detection, it is still an effective tool for re-marketing. Existing customers are already aware of the products that the brand has to offer, so a Creative Advertising Agency would usually use this tool to push additional products and services that the customer can use to add value to their current experience.

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Until then, Happy Advertising!

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