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The Art Of Writing In Advertising

The written word has ushered in the age of modern civilization. This not only helped us in communication but also empowered humankind to rise from a species of hairless apes to building a civilization that conquered the planet along with dominating every other lifeform.

The written word not only help humans do great things, but it also enabled us to keep vivid records of our greatest achievements and atrocities. This enabled us to remember the highs and learn from the lows.

So when a graphic designer comes to you and asks you why is copywriting or professional content writing even a thing? Why does an Advertising Agency even need one? Why do I need to show my design to the content writer?

One can be forgiven for the indiscretions that follow. But, it is the might of the written word that can summarize the most terrible of thoughts and the most difficult of definitions.

As an Advertising Agency sets off on devising a new campaign, a brainstorming session with small diaries and scribbled notes bring out the most unstructured thoughts and ideas that are beyond comprehension. But this zoo of often well dresses chimpanzees slowly starts to build something bigger than the sum of their collective intellect.

Word by word, sentence by sentence, a tapestry of characters, nouns, verbs, rhymes and stanzas come together. It is something so original that may never have been said before. This new compound of ‘written words’ is at the centre of what makes an Advertising agency the advertising agency.

This is the art of writing.

It may be difficult to not take offence when one is questioned about their contribution to the world of advertising. But one must also understand that many who ask these questions are at no fault of their own.

It is the very nature of good copy to be so effortless to read that mere mortal conclude that there wasn’t any effort put into creating it.

Thankfully, this is not the case with an Advertising Agency, these organizations know that not everyone can be a copywriter but a great copywriter can come from anywhere.

It is the art of being comprehensive while being efficient in their choice of words. It is the art of evoking the emotions of the reader. It is the art of being able to paint a picture more vividly than one’s imagination. It is the art of being outstanding and effortlessly obvious at the same time.

Content writing has been at the heart of any communication and advertising, and one can expect it will stay that way for a very long time.

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